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 Cognate
 You will surprise yourself with how many words you know in
spanish just by looking at the spelling, or by hearing the word.
 Definition- A word derived from the same root as another word.
 Normal
 Universidad
 Dragón
 Realidad
 Nacionalidad
 Cognates usually have the same root word
• curioso
 Sometimes the only thing that changes is the pronunciation.
• animal
 Other times there can be an accent added, changing emphasis on
parts of the word.
• Fantástico
 Repite
• Can you guess what this means?
• Repeat!
• The plural of repite is repiten!
 En
• Can you guess what this means?
• In
• At
• On
 Español
• Spanish!
 Íngles
• English!
 Did you know, an accent can completely change the meaning of a
 Examples are Sí and Cómo.
• Sí with the accent means yes, but forget the accent and it means if!
• Two completely different words!
Cómo with an accent means how! But if you forget the accent it
would mean like..
The comparison word like, NOT “I like pizza”
 Now that we have reviewed our basic communication words, lets
start putting our abilities to work!
• “¿Cómo se dice?”
• “¿Cómo se dice en español?”
• “¿Cómo se dice en íngles?”