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Week 3 Vocabulary
Why do we learn vocabulary?
• Help us become more sophisticated readers…so we
understand fluently what we read.
Help us understand words in context, to help us
understand words we don’t currently know.
Help us become more sophisticated writers, so we use a
mature vocabulary and sound like adults in our word
For example:
Unsophisticated: “He’s very sad and really gloomy.”
More sophisticated: “He’s dejected and morose.”
Greek & Latin Prefixes #3
Using a dictionary, find three words that use the Prefix correctly.
Write the word AND the definition.
Do not use any of my sample words.
• From/Down
Ex: Descend
• Ten
Ex: Decimate
• Two
Ex: Direction
• Opposite
Ex: Disaster
• State / quality of
Ex: Earldom
This week’s SAT Vocabulary Words
Using the information provided, please write down
the definitions and parts of the speech for each
of the provided SAT vocabulary words.
Then, write a meaningful sentence with context
clues that show me you understand the meaning
of each word.
Underline the word within the sentence.
SAT Vocabulary - Lesson One
• Divulge v. to tell; to reveal (as a secret)
• Abet v. to assist or encourage, especially in
• Dogmatic adj. arrogant and stubborn about
one’s (often unproven) beliefs
• Insipid adj. lacking flavor; dull; not at all
SAT Vocabulary - Lesson One
• Extraneous adj. inessential; not constituting a
vital part
• Coerce v. to force by using pressure,
intimidation, or threats
• Jaundiced adj. prejudiced; hostile
• Meticulous adj. extremely, sometimes
excessively, careful about small details; precise
SAT Vocabulary - Lesson One
• Temerity n. recklessness; a foolish
disregard of danger
• Gregarious adj. sociable; fond of the
company of others