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Introduction to Hinduism
“There is only one God, but endless
are his aspects and endless are his
Hinduism is an ancient religion with
no founder or known date of origin.
But it can be traced
back over 5000
It is the third largest
of the World
There are about one
billion Hindus.
The term "Hinduism" is
related to the word "India“.
It refers to a wide variety of
religious traditions and
philosophies that have
developed in India over
thousands of years.
The vast
majority of
Hindus live
in India and
But there are also Hindus in many other
countries including about 500,000 in Britain
Hindu Beliefs
Hindus believe in a
universal eternal
soul called Brahman,
who created and is
present in everything
and everyone.
Hindu Beliefs
However, most Hindus will
worship one or more of
the many - ‘330 million’ gods and goddesses in
Hindu culture.
The Two Most Popular Gods are
Vishnu and Shiva
But many also worship Goddesses
like Kali
Hindu Beliefs - Reincarnation and Karma
Hindus believe that life is
an endless cycle Samsara - of birth death
and rebirth.
They believe in Karma that the actions of a
person in this life will
determine their status in
the next.
Moksha - The Aim of Hinduism
The Aim of Hinduism is Moksha - to realize one’s
divine nature and reunite with Brahman
One Ocean, Many Names