Database System Design and Implementation

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Database systems Design
- Software School of Hunan university –
Course Information
• Instructor: Liubo Ouyang (欧阳柳波)
Office: Room 213, Building of software School
Contact: 13574805086, 8821984, [email protected]
• Experiment tutor: Shaofei Lu (陆绍飞)
Contact: 13036780732, [email protected]
• Textbook:
Thomas Connolly, Carolyn Begg. Database systems – APractical
approachs to Design, Implementation, and management, third
Edition. 电子工业出版社.
• Course Material at web site:
Copies of all lecture slides and interesting articles will be
provided at the web site.
• There are also an enormous number of Database System
internet sites.
A First Course in Database Systems:
Database System Design and Implementation:
ACM Transactions on Database Systems (TODS)
• Grade: HWs 10%, Project 25%, Final 50%, participation 15%
• Project:
– PBLT method (3 students in a team)
• Plagiarism will be severely punished.
• People who is absent from lecture for three times will not be
permitted to seat in the final exam.
• English writing
Pre-requisites And Related Courses
Data structure
Discrete mathematics
Computer principle.
Software Programming
To provide a solid foundation on database systems and
database application development.
–To master the knowledge of Database systems design.
-To master fundamental ideas of database technology.
-To learn how to design databases using ER diagrams and the
relational model
-To know current new technology on database
To improve the level of speaking, writing, demonstrating,
behaving, communicating, collaborating, innovating,
and inventing.
Database Implementation Project
A significant part of your learning of the course is devoted to
a major database development project.
 Design a database using ER diagrams and relational model.
 Write SQL to query and update the database.
 Develop a web user interface to your database.
-In the process you will learn HTML and ASP or JSP.
Those skills are highly valuable to your future individual
Course Topics
• Background
Introduction to Database
Database Environment
• The Relational Model and Languages
The Relational Model
Relational Algebra and Relational Calculus
• Database Analysis and Design Techniques
Database Planning, Design, and Administration
Entity-Relationship Modeling
Course Topics
• Methodology
Conceptual Database Design
Logical Database Design for the Relational Model
Physical Database Design for the Relational Databases
• Selected Database Issues
Transaction Management
Query Processing
Programming SQL
• Current Trends
Distributed Database
Object-Oriented Database
Course Topics
• Emerging Trends
Web Technology and DBMSs
Semi-structure Data and XML
Data Warehousing
OLAP and Data Mining