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Do You Know Me?
Do You Know Me?
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Do You Know Me?
Leading English abolitionist.
He headed the parliamentary campaign against
the British slave trade,
leading to the passage of
the Slave Trade Act of 1807.
William Wilberforce
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World History 21C
Do You Know Me?
John Peter Muhlenberg
An American clergyman
and Continental Army soldier
during the Revolutionary War.
He was also a political figure
in the newly-independent United States –
serving in both
the U.S. House of Representatives
and U.S. Senate.
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U.S. History 1C
Do You Know Me?
American writer and first female playwright.
She was known as the
"Conscience of the American Revolution".
She wrote unbylined anti-British and
anti-Loyalist propaganda plays from 1772 to 1775.
She created a Jeffersonian (anti-Federalist)
interpretation of the Revolution, entitled
History of the Rise, Progress, and Termination
of the American Revolution.
Mercy Otis Warren
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Do You Know Me?
William Blackstone
A British judge and politician of the 18th century,
he is most noted for writing the
Commentaries on the Laws of England.
Providing a complete overview of English law,
the 4-volume work influenced the thought
of such Americans as John Jay,
John Adams, John Marshall, and even Lincoln.
The work continues to be cited in
Supreme Court decisions even today.
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8.20A; World History 16C; Government 1C
Do You Know Me?
Austrian-born economist and philosopher
best known for his defense of classical liberalism
and free-market capitalism
against socialist and collectivist thought.
He is considered to be one of the most
important economists and political philosophers
of the 20th century, winning the
Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences in 1974.
Friedrich Hayek
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Economics 5E
Do You Know Me?
Bernardo de Gálvez
Spanish military leader
and the general of Spanish forces in New Spain,
he served as governor of Louisiana and Cuba
and as viceroy of New Spain.
He aided the Thirteen Colonies in their quest for
independence and led the Spanish armies
against Britain in the Revolutionary War,
defeated the British at Pensacola
and re-conquered Florida for Spain.
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Do You Know Me?
Human rights activist and author.
His work in the struggle for emigration rights of
Soviet Jews wishing to move to Israel
led to his 9 year imprisonment in a Soviet gulag.
The first political prisoner ever released by
Mikhail Gorbachev due to intense political
pressure from Ronald Reagan.
Immediately after, he emigrated to Israel
where he wrote his memoir, Fear No Evil.
Natan Sharansky
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World History 22E
Do You Know Me?
Father Antonio Margil de Jesus
Born in Valencia, Spain, this early missionary
established the first church in what is now
the state of Louisiana
and is often referred to as the ‘patron saint’
of Roman Catholic activity in East Texas.
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A Polish Jew who immigrated to New York
during the period of the American Revolution.
Sympathetic to the colonial cause, he joined the
Sons of Liberty and became a prime financier
of the Continental Army.
After the war, he managed, time-after-time,
to raise the money to bailout the debt-ridden
government of the newly established nation.
Haym Solomon
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Do You Know Me?
Las Madres de la
Plaza de Mayo
A unique organization of
Argentine women who have
become human rights activists
in order to achieve a common goal:
For over three decades,
they have fought for the right
to re-unite with their abducted
children who disappeared during the
Dirty War of the military dictatorship,
between 1976 and 1983.
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World History 22E
Do You Know Me?
American aviation pioneer
and a founder of the U.S. aircraft industry.
He rose to fame by making the first
officially witnessed flight in North America and
making the first long-distance flight in the U.S.
His company, the Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor
Company, built aircraft for the U.S. Army and
Navy that were dominant in both world wars.
Glenn Curtiss
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U. S. History 6B
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An early American lawyer and politician.
He served on the Committee of Five that drafted
the Declaration of Independence,
and was also a representative and senator
in the new republic.
He was the only person to sign all four
great state papers of the U.S.:
the Continental Association,
the Declaration of Independence,
the Articles of Confederation
and the Constitution.
Roger Sherman
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Government 1D
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An African American journalist, newspaper editor
and, with her husband,
newspaper owner Ferdinand L. Barnett,
an early leader in the civil rights movement.
She documented the extent of lynching
in the United States, and was also active in the
women's rights movement
and the women's suffrage movement.
Ida B. Wells
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U. S. History 5B
Do You Know Me?
George Mason
American patriot, statesman, and a delegate from
Virginia to the U.S. Constitutional Convention.
He led those pressing for the addition of States rights
and individual rights to the U.S. Constitution
as a balance to the increased federal powers,
and did not sign the document because it lacked this.
His efforts succeeded in convincing the Federalists to
add the first ten amendments and for that reason he
is often referred to as the
“Father of the Bill of Rights”.
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8.17A; Government 1D
Do You Know Me?
William Goyens
The son of a free mulatto and a white woman,
he came to Texas in 1820
and lived at Nacogdoches,
successfully running his own blacksmithing
and wagon making business.
During the Texas Revolution,
he was given the important task of keeping
the Cherokees friendly with the Texans and,
as interpreter with Gen. Sam Houston,
negotiating a treaty with the tribe.
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A wealthy Maryland planter and early advocate
of independence from Great Britain,
he served as a delegate
to the Continental Congress and later
as United States Senator for Maryland.
He was the only Catholic
and the longest-lived (and last surviving)
signatory of the Declaration of Independence,
dying at the age of 95.
Charles Carroll
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U.S. History 1C
Do You Know Me?
Milton Friedman
American economist, statistician, and the recipient
of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences.
As a leader of the Chicago School of Economics,
he is best known for his demonstration of
the complexity of stabilization policy and for his
restatement of a political philosophy that extolled
the virtues of a free market economic system
with little intervention by government.
He was an economic advisor
to U.S. President Ronald Reagan.
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Economics 5E
Do You Know Me?
A career military officer who served
in the armies of three nations as a U.S. Army officer in the Mexican-American War,
a Confederate general during the Civil War,
and a general in the Imperial Mexican Army.
He was most noted for his actions in delaying
Federal troops during the 1862 Peninsula Campaign
through elaborate ruses that gave an impression
that Confederates had more forces than in actuality,
and for successfully defending Galveston, Texas,
against the Union Army and Navy early in 1863.
John B. Magruder
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Jonathan Trumbull, Sr.
One of the few Americans who served as
governor in both a pre-Revolutionary colony
and a post-Revolutionary state (Connecticut).
During the American Revolution
he was the only colonial governor
who supported the American side.
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U. S. History 1C
Do You Know Me?
Co-founder and First Vice President Emeritus
of the UFW (United Farm Workers of America).
As an advocate for farmworkers' rights,
she has been arrested 22 times for participating
in non-violent civil disobedience activities.
In 1965 she directed the national grape boycott,
taking the plight of the farm workers to the
consumers. In 1966, she negotiated a contract
between the UFW and Schenley Wine Company,
marking the first time that farm workers were able
to successfully collectively bargain
with an agricultural enterprise.
Dolores Huerta
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U.S. History 26D
Do You Know Me?
Lester Maddox
Governor of the state of Georgia
from 1967 to 1971.
He was a populist-styled politician
coming to prominence as a staunch segregationist
who had refused to open
his own restaurant to blacks
following the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
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U. S. History 9G
Do You Know Me?
First African American to serve
in the United States Congress. As a Senator,
he represented Mississippi in 1870 and 1871
during Reconstruction.
Though serving only one term,
he was consistently praised in the papers for his
oratorical skills, quoted often about the need for
moderation and compromise.
While Radical Republicans called for continued
punishment of ex-Confederates, he argued for
amnesty and a restoration of full citizenship.
Hiram Rhodes Revels
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Do You Know Me?
Frances Willard
An American educator, temperance reformer,
and women's suffragist.
Her influence was instrumental in the passage of
the Eighteenth (Prohibition)
and Nineteenth (Women Suffrage) Amendments
to the United States Constitution.
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U. S. History 26D
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A Spanish Indian-fighter in New Spain
and the founder and first governor
of the colony of Nuevo Santander,
which extended from
the modern-day Mexican state of Veracruz
to the Guadalupe River in the state of Texas.
José de Escandón
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