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Patrik Ekström
Vilnius, May 9th 2007
Over 50 Years in Publishing
Two Award-winning Serials
Databases --
Historical Abstracts
America: History and Life
500+ Electronic and
Print Reference
We’re going to talk about
Historical Abstracts
America: History and Life
What is…..
History Reference Online
Historical Abstracts
America: History and Life
The world’s largest bibliographic
historical online database
Abstracts from over 1,700
Combined the databases have
over 1.2 million entries
Full-text links to over 490,000
articles. Partners include
Ingenta and more
OpenURL Compliant
Facts and Figures
Historical Abstracts
America: History and Life
Provides access to over 730,000
articles and entries
Provides access to over 538,000
articles and entries
Over 20,000 new articles added
each year. Approximately 2,000
per month
16,000 new articles added each
year. Approximately 1,400 per
Covers World History excluding
North America & Canada
Covers History and Social Culture
of North America and Canada
From period 1450 to the present
From pre-history to the present
Links to over 178,000 full text
Links to over 313,000 full text
more than just abstracts……
• Definition of an abstract = a summary of a text, scientific article,
document, speech, etc
The content in Historical Abstracts and America: History and Life is more
than this because:– Carefully select the abstracts to use and enhance from the 1700
– The abstracts are then enhanced by Professors and History
specialists around the World - they add information, indexing terms =
VALUE to the researcher
– Translate article titles and abstracts into English- broadening the
content available to Professors and scholars
More than Abstracts….
Quality indexing and abstracting improves the research experience
Full-text links enhance the value of existing subscriptions to other
services - EBSCO, Project MUSE, JSTOR for example
Hot links within the database link articles together to enrich the search
Determine a chronology that is helpful to the Professors and Scholars
Include Book citation entries – indexed and Chronology is added
Cite Masters Theses and Doctural Dissertations – indexed and a
Chronology is added.
Monthly updates ensure currency
The purpose of an abstract in an age
of full-text providers is to:
Make it possible for a researcher to review journal articles for usable
content and historiography
Determine which articles he/she needs to read and in what priority.
The abstract tells the researcher basic, pertinent information about an
It gives the researcher the information he/she needs to decide which
article to read first.
With HA's broad searching capabilities, the researcher can search by
keyword, index term, author, time period, etc., and work from the
results to ensure that the pertinent historical journal articles have
been considered
Positioning WHA and WAHL
more than just abstracts…...
3 times the number of History resources than major History providers
WHA/WAHL = 1,280,000 Other Full text providers = 420,000
3 times the number of History Journals than any full text provider
WHA/WAHL = 1,729 Other full text providers = 573
Without WHA or WAHL 76 searches would need to be performed to ensure
full coverage of one topic
Only one Single search is required with WHA and WAHL to cover all World
Excellent historical resource for a variety of disciplines - from Women’s
Studies to Art, Music, and Business
Let’s take a look...
Access is
available via IP
password, and/
or referring URL..
Search interface is customizable by
the user or the institution
Basic Search
Customizable Search Results
Display Options
Display results in
groups of 25, 50, 75,
or 100 entries.
Sort by author, date,
journal, language, or
type of entry.
Display in ascending
or descending order.
Automatically tag all
search results.
Full-text Link Options
Activate links to
full-text services
and journals from
our partners
Full-Text Linking partners include...
EBSCO - 124,000+
Project MUSE -13,000+
JSTOR - 173,000+
The History Co-op - 9,800+
Ingenta - 25,000+
Taylor & Francis - 5,000+
Oxford Univ. Press - 1,500+
SwetsWise - 50,000+
ProQuest - 72,000+
Getting the results...
Search results are
displayed in a brief,
“easy view” format
Links are displayed
Record can be
expanded to show
the full abstract
The full search result record
Detailed Abstract
Hyper-text links
to related
Email and export
Export Options: RefWorks, EndNote,
ProCite, and Reference Manager
Personal Profile feature
Receive automatic
email notification of
new database entries
with Personal Profile
Create up to 10
Change and edit them
at any time
Ensures researchers
are kept up to date in
their field of interest
ABC-CLIO eBooks...
A Good Thing is Getting
Even Better
From the leader in history reference
comes a new way to build and use an
award-winning history collection:
History Reference Online
History Reference Online
• A broad, cross-searchable collection of awardwinning history encyclopedias, handbooks,
dictionaries, and guides
• Initial launch comprises 339 titles
• 50+ new titles to be added each year
• Available as an annual subscription service
• Available as One Time Purchase of individual titles
Broad coverage provides
a wealth of material for researchers
American and world history
World and U.S. issues
Social and cultural history
Political and military history
Folklore and mythology
History of religion
History of science, technology, and environment
85% of titles making up the initial collection have been published
since 2000
With 339 titles in its initial launch, the collection is large—and includes
many multivolume encyclopedias
Growing rapidly at a pace of over 50 titles a year, there will be 45%
growth in the number of titles added to the collection in the next two
Made up of highly-used reference titles, providing thousands of
primary and secondary sources
The right tool for you
• Save time in collection development -- award-winning
books are automatically added each year
• Meet multiple patron needs through unlimited,
simultaneous use for on-site or remote users
• Provide a user-friendly resource that integrates
seamlessly into your library with a built-in Help
feature and User Guide that aid users in navigating
the tool
The right tool for your patrons
• Research can be done more efficiently since multiple
books can be searched and left open on the desktop
at one time
• Take home just what you need - print and/or email
individual entries easily
• Save time with citations that are automatically
provided for all entries
• Search results are easily navigated with highlighted
search word 'hits' within entries
The right tool for your faculty
• Create e-reading lists and reference packs easily with
no additional cost to support course curriculum
• Instant access to current scholarly research - at
home or at the office
• Access to thousands of primary and secondary
sources for use in lectures
Helpful Tools Available At the
Click of a Button
• Access to the complete Merriam-Webster Dictionary
• Automatic citations are provided in four formats:
Chicago, MLA, APA, and Harvard
Support materials provide
research and navigational
• Fully integrated Help feature, FAQs, and User Guide
• QuickStart sheet facilitates user training
The search screen
The search results screen
Search results … a closer look
A book entry’s cover
Another book title
Free trials available
• Trial request form
Thank You very much!
Patrik Ekström