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Updated: 2/2015
 A-F:
Ms. Velazco
 G-Lo:
Ms. Bennett
 Lu-Sa:
Ms. Mintey
 Sc-Z:
Ms. Serrano
Counselors are available during lunch and after school for
student walk-ins.
Face to face contact with counselors is encouraged as it is a great way
for students to get to know their counselor.
Students can request an appointment time (by seeing their counselor
during lunch/after school or by e-mail) if the issue necessitates longer than
a brief meeting.
Where to go for additional information:
Visit the Counselor’s Corner and the College and Career Center
online for answers to many frequently asked questions…
College and Career Center:
• Calendar showing upcoming
visits from college reps
• Financial aid information
• College application
• Career information
• Military information
• Summer opportunities
• Scholarship information
• And more!!
Counselor’s Corner:
• Important announcements
• PowerPoints/ FAQs
• Resources for students struggling
• Community resources
• 4 year plan
• College Planning Checklist
• Irvington course offerings
• Registration information
• Graduation reqs
• And more!
Also on, find club information, calendars, information
on the benchmarks (Change, WIP, QUEST) etc.
Naviance helps with college and career planning. College/major search,
career surveys, etc.
Scroll down to find the Naviance info page.
Free access to -exam prep including the CAHSEE (practice tests and drills) Essay lab to help students write essays -Study guides for many subjects
To sign up:
magic word: ELUANT
If you came from another school or country, your transcript from your
original school needs to be evaluated by our assistant principal, Ms.
Make sure everything is correct.
Review all classes and grades
Classes cannot be repeated for credit per district policy (example: 2 years of
Art 1). See your counselor if you have repeated a class to make sure you are
on track for graduation.
Work in progress
Overall GPA: All classes
from 9th through 11th. It is
not weighted.
No rank listed.
Irvington does not
Calculating your GPA
Grades are assigned point values:
A = 4 points
B = 3 points
C= 2 points
NC= 0 points
*”I” grades are temporary and are not factored into the GPA .
•Overall GPA (non-weighted): Add all semester grades on your
transcript together. Divide the total by the number of semester courses.
•Weighted GPA: Same as overall GPA but add 1 extra point for each
semester AP course or transferable college course to the total before
dividing by the number of semester courses (individual private
universities may calculate weighted GPA differently).
•UC/CSU GPA: Use only grades received in “a-g” classes from 10th and 11th
grade. Add an extra point for each semester AP course or transferable
college course ( with a maximum of 8 extra points.
GPA Calculator:
Req: Required
Rec: Received
In-Prog: In Progress
Credit Summary
Sched: Scheduled for
semester 2
Credits Needed
Credits at Irvington
•Students earn 5 credits per semester class.
•Most students take 6 classes per semester.
•5 credits per class X 6 classes = 30 credits
per semester / 60 credits per year
•60 credits per year X 4 years = 240 credits
•230 credits are required to
•Semester grades are the only grades listed on the
Graduation Requirements
• Electives: 75 credits required. Any class taken after a subject requirement is
met is counted as an elective (Ex: Your 3rd year of science counts as an
• English: 40 credits required.
• Fine Art/World Language/CTE: You need 10 credits of a Fine Art
OR World Language OR ROP class to graduate
• Math: 30 credits required including BOTH semesters of Algebra 1
or Algebra IA AND 1B.
•PE: 20 credits required
•Science: 20 credits required
Graduation Requirements Continued
• Social Science: 30 credits required (world history, US history,
• Computer: Not required at Irvington, instead you are required to
have 75 elective credits
• Health: 5 credits required
Students earn 60 credits per school year. To be on track, after the
first semester of this school year, you should have:
• 200 credits if you are a 12th grader
• 140 if you are an 11th grader
• 80 if you are a 10th grader
• 30 if you are a 9th grader
Credit Recovery
Add a 0 period (10 credits per year)
Add a 7th period (10 credits per year)
Adult School: Has a Fall, Winter, and Spring quarter.
Summer School: 2 semester classes per summer
Students can take 2 classes (10 credits total) per quarter. See
your counselor to register (For 11th and 12th graders only).
(Example: world history semester 1 and world history semester 2
would be the max of 10 credits total per summer)
› You cannot use summer school to skip ELD levels.
› If you repeat an ELD level that you already passed, you will not get
credit for it.
See your counselor ASAP if you need to make-up credits.
Resources for students that are struggling under counseling tab
Like after school tutoring in
the career center on
Wednesdays from 2:30-4:00
find on
Fremont Adult School’s ESL and high school
diploma program
GED through the Fremont Adult School
Community college
Vocational/ Trade school /ROP
More Graduation Requirements
Need to Pass BOTH portions of the High School
Exit Exam (CAHSEE) (Make-up tests are offered for 11th
and 12th graders that have not passed)
Need 40 hours of community service (or 10 for
each year you are at IHS)
Service Hours
Click here to get started. Everyone needs to
create a new account. Your old info will not
work. Service hours are being transferred from
the old system beginning with 12th graders.
****New This Year****
There is an app available. Search
Apple or Google Play:
ServiceKarma (one word)
See Mr. Lewis in rm 212 if you have
Community Colleges
• 112 campuses located throughout California (Ohlone,
DeAnza, Chabot and Mission College are the closest to
• Total enrollment: 2.4 million students
• Requirements: 18 years old OR have a high school
• Types of programs:
1.Complete 60 units (2 years on average) for an
AA/AS degree which can transfer to a 4 year
university (transfer to a 4 year university as a junior)
2.Vocational programs (nursing, pharmacy tech, massage
therapy, early childhood education, automotive technology,
3.Enrichment classes and classes to develop skills
(English as a second language, computer classes, etc.)
Graduation Reqs
(4 year colleges)
What are the main differences?
4 Years of English (ELD
4 Years of English (only ELD
3 counts)
Algebra 1 + 20 more
credits of math
Fine Art OR World Language
Algebra 1, Geometry, and
Algebra 2 (minimum)
Fine Art AND World Language
(Digital Drawing, Arts Spectrum,
Social Dance and Culinary Arts
are NOT fine art classes)
( or
to sign up and for more info)
California College Systems
Types of Colleges
California State
Universities (CSU)
University of
California (UC)
133: Ohlone, De
Anza, Chabot, Las
Positas, San Jose
City, Evergreen,
Foothill, etc.
23 CSUs: East Bay,
San Jose State, San
Francisco, Monterey
Bay, Sonoma, Los
Angeles, etc.
10 UCs: Berkeley,
Davis, San Francisco,
Irvine, Santa Barbara,
Los Angeles, Merced,
Santa Cruz, San
Diego, Riverside
76 members:
Stanford, University
of Santa Clara,
University of San
Francisco, Mills
College, University
of the Pacific, etc.
Note: UC San Francisco
is a medical center and
currently is not providing
bachelor degrees.
Nature of
Two-Year Schools
1. Complete courses
for the first 2
years of a
bachelor’s degree
transferable to UC
and CSU
2. Vocational
3. Enrichment and
job skills classes
Four-Year Schools
with Graduate
1. Various majors
and programs
2. Bachelor’s
3. Master’s degrees
4. Teaching
Four-Year Schools
with Graduate
1. Various majors
and programs
2. Bachelor’s
3. Master’s degrees
4. Doctorate and
Two and Four-Year
Schools, some with
Graduate Programs
Various majors and
academic programs
are offered at each
campus. Check
college websites or
California College Systems Continued
Types of Colleges
California State
Universities (CSU)
University of
California (UC)
No subject
requirements. Must
be a high school
graduate or 18 years
of age.
See slide on a-g
See slide on a-g
Requirements vary
by school. Check
college websites or
Some programs have
requirements. Check
college websites or
Math and English
assessment tests are
required for new
students in order to
be placed at the
correct skill level.
These tests are not used
to exclude students. Tests
are given after an
application is submitted,
usually followed by an
orientation, counseling,
and enrollment into
ACT (writing section
not required)
ACT plus writing
SAT Reasoning Test
SAT Reasoning Test
ELM- Entry Level
Math Test
EPT- English
Placement Test (These
tests are not used for
admission purposes)
Recommended: Certain
SAT Subject tests are
recommended for certain
majors. Check with
interested colleges for
specific information.
Some schools may
require the SAT
Reasoning Test or
ACT plus writing
and/or SAT Subject
Tests. Check college
websites or
catalogues for
specific test
Helpful college websites: CSU Website UC Website college entrance rates
and college searches Irvington’s list of
classes that meet UC/CSU admission