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This is a list of supplemental social studies
materials, which I am suggesting for
purchase. These selected materials will be
a great addition to our high school social
studies resource room. These materials
can enhance individual learning
experiences and will compliment our
Video Tapes
1. World History Biographies. This video
set includes 11 videocassettes. The titles are as
follows: Attila the Hun, Captain Bligh,
Confucius, Elizabeth I, Henry VIII, Ivan
the Terrible, Marie Antoinette, Napoleon
Bonaparte, Marco Polo, Ponce de Leon and
Richard the Lionheart. The videocassettes
include interviews with historians, live action,
reenactments, period art, and other
documentary material. These videocassettes are
in color and range from 40-50 minutes each.
This complete set cost $156.00.
Video Tapes
2. American History Video. $495.00
A series of eight programs which document the history
of the United States through illustrations, photographs,
and a well research narration, which often includes
historical quotations. The videocassettes are in color
and black and white. The series includes: Colonial
America, America Grows Up, War Between The
States, Gathering Strength, Opening The West,
Warring And Roaring, The Game of Monopoly and
Two Great Crusades. This set provides students
with insight and allows them to travel back in time.
Video Tapes
3. Africans In America. Boxed Set: 4
videos. $399.00 Companion Paperback $14.00
 This series includes 4 videos. This series
focuses on America's journey through slavery.
The series follows the slavery in America from
1450-1865. This series includes The Terrible
Transformation, Revolution, Brotherly
Love, and Judgment Day. Each individual
runs for 90 minutes and is in color. This series is
also close captioned.
Video Tapes
4. 500 Nations: Native American Series. Boxed
Set: $138.92
Kevin Costner hosts this series. These videos cover
areas and peoples from the Americas. It is a great
history of America's original inhabitants. Each 49-minute
video combines live action, interviews with contemporary
Native Americans, period art and photography, and
stunning computer recreations that enable viewers to
experience the pat. Close captioned. Color. This series
includes The Ancestors, Mexico, Clash of Cultures,
Invasion of the Coast, Cauldron of War, Removal,
Roads across the Plains and Attack on Culture.
1. Map Crosswords
25 map/crosswords puzzles that teach map
and geography skills. An example of some the
included activities range from finding and African
country with more than to inches of annual
rainfall. Student will be allowed to develop a
range of skill to solve geography crosswords
based on physical, political, and data maps.
Reproducible activity book. Answer key
2. Twentieth Century Science.
Recaps inquiries and discoveries, and
explores how new scientific knowledge
and technology have shaped the modern
world. Great for group activities.
World Book Multimedia Encyclopedia.
Deluxe Edition: 2 CD-ROM's $49.95
The full text of the print World Book Encyclopedia
combined with direct access to thousands of additional
online articles make the school-oriented encyclopedia an
invaluable research and study aid. Geared to specific
curriculum and reading levels, major articles list study
questions and additional resources. Offers daily updates
that include newspaper articles, TV and radio transcripts,
and more. Students can use a 225,000-word dictionary
to look up words. Includes a quiz maker, onscreen
simulations and much more.
2. Branches Of Government.
Complete Set: 3 CD-ROM's
Emphasizing the functions of three
branches of government and how each
branch works in relation to the others.
These in-depth tutorials combine video
narration and interviews with onscreen
exercises, games and quizzes.
Poster Series: 24 poster, 4 guides $27.00
Issues of our times through Cartoons.
Students can visualize key events and
personalities of the postwar era with highinterest poster sets. Each set includes an eight
page reproducible guide giving an overview of
the general topic, debate/discussion questions
for the cartoons, and ides for individuals/small
group/whole group activities.
2. Constitutional Rights Foundation
Complete Set: 8 mock trials
Mock trails focusing on current issues,
these simulations require students to read,
speak, analyze, reason, think critically and
apply interpersonal skills as they explore
the link between the Constitution and our
legal system.
1. Current Controversies.
Complete set:
39 paperbacks
Topics of current interest are introduced in
this series that presents thought-provoking
debates on national and international issues.
Each book features a wide spectrum of differing
opinions, written by well-known spokespersons
representing liberal, conservative, and centrist
2. World History Series. 24 hardbacks:
Each book in this collection supplements a
clearly written overview with straight from life
anecdotes taken from primary sources and
insightful perspectives quoted from authoritative
secondary sources. Short chapter, plentiful
black-and-white photographs, maps, and
Learning Activities
1. Playing the Market. Activity Book.
In this high interest simulation,
students’ work as investment group
members, buying and selling stocks while
applying the math skill required tracking
their portfolios. Includes 8 lessons.
Learning Activities
2. The Westward Expansion. $12.95
Creative activities for teaching
American history. Twenty reproducible
puzzles, games, and activities for studying
the westward movement. Emphasizing
decision making and problem solving
skills, the activities are designed to
engage students in the issues involved in
the settlement of the West.
Learning Activities
3. French Revolution.
Lessons designed to appeal to visual
learners gently ease students into serious
study of the French Revolution. Each
lesson begins with historical background
 Total
Budget: $2706.10