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Path to WWII
Hitler’s Ambitions and Appeasement
1. Lebensraum: Hitler believed his nation needed living space (expansion)
– Wanted land to the east (and lost territory from WWI), eventual war with USSR
2. Appeasement policy by GB & France (saw Hitler prepare)
– GB Prime Minister: Neville Chamberlain
• “It is peace for our time. Go home and get a nice quiet sleep.”
• Did not want another war like WWI, so did nothing (prevent unnecessary war)
• Gave in to Hitler’s demands to maintain stability/peace in Europe
– Future Prime Minister Winston Churchill disagrees with this policy
– 1935: Germany building submarines/warships (violation of T.of V.)
– Alliance: 1936 Hitler signed pacts with Italy and Japan, created Rome-Berlin Axis
3. 1936: Rhineland- rearmed by Germany (violation of T. of V.)
– French/German border- Hitler claimed scared of French-Soviet military alliance
4. March 1938: Anschluss- Austria annexed by Germany (no violence)
5. Sept. 1938: Sudetenland- taken by Germany (Munich Conference- leaders meet)
– German speaking territory in Czechoslovakia
– Munich Conference- height of appeasement; European leaders meet
– GB, France- told Czechoslovakia it would be fighting Germany alone IF they protested
6. Aug. 1939: Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact
– won’t attack each other, will divide Poland
1939- Germany takes more of Czechoslovakia
Munich Conference
Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact
Sept. 1, 1939- WWII BEGINS
Hitler Invaded Poland