The final draft of the powerpoint

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Transcript The final draft of the powerpoint

• In 1917, people forced Czar Nicholas to give
up the throne.
Vladimir Lenin was now the leader of the
Russian Revolution. ( seen to the left)
His followers and him set up a communist
In 1922, Russia’s Communist leaders were
securely in power and the Soviet Union was
When Lenin died in 1924, there were
disagreements on who would lead the country.
• Joseph Stalin was now the new leader.
• In 1941, Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union
starting World War II.
During this time, Adolf Hitler was in charge of the
Soviet Union and determined that all Jews would
After the war, Stalin was back in charge and had a
goal to keep his country safe from further invasions.
• He changed the weak agriculture country into a strong
industrial state.
Millions of peasants died because their crops were given
to workers.
Citizens who criticized the forced industrialization system
was jailed and many died in prison.
There was lack of food in the country.
• The Cold War started in 1945.
• Two countries participated in the Cold War, the U.S. and
the Soviet Union.
There were no weapons involved, the two countries just
threatened each other and used words to attack, instead
of guns.
The Cold War ended in 1991, when the Soviet Union
Political Crisis
• In 1993, President Yeltsin suspended the Russian
Parliament and he accused the Supreme Soviet of
obstructing political and economic reforms.
Deputies voted to impeach Yeltsin and confirm Rutsoki,
the vice president at that time, as president.
But Rutsoki and his followers surrendered when Yeltsin
bombed Parliament.
According to preliminary reports, the liberal democratic
party had 24.3% of the votes, President Yeltsin’s Choice
Party had 14.4%, and the communist party had 11.2 %.
Russia and the U.S. Are Friends
• In 1994, Russia and the U.S. agreed that they would no
longer target their nuclear missiles at each other, but
they would work together.
The first joint U.S.-Russian space shuttle mission
launched on February 3, 1994.
President Clinton and Yeltsin, the president of Russia at
that time, attended a ceremony at the White House to
honor American and Russian veterans of World War II.
The End