After losing WWI in 1918, the German government had to pay

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Transcript After losing WWI in 1918, the German government had to pay

Hitler grew up in Austria. His mother
developed terminal breast cancer and was
treated by a Jewish doctor who served the
poor. After an operation & painful,
expensive treatments with a dangerous
drug, she died. Did he blame the Jewish
Dr. for his mother’s death?
Hitler the Artist?
Hitler had long wanted
to become an artist. He
was denied entry to art
school and some say
he came to believe it
was a Jewish man who
denied his entry. Had
Hitler been accepted to
art school, would WWII
and the Holocaust never
have happened?
Look at the signature!
After being denied entry in the Austrian
military, Hitler headed for Germany and
was accepted in the German military. He
fought with the Germans in WWI.
Can you tell which one is Hitler?
After losing WWI in 1918, the German
government had to pay billions of dollars as
punishments for attacking other countries. The
German economy collapsed, prices soared, and
Germans everywhere felt desperate.
Adolf Hitler wept bitterly when he learned that
Germany had lost the war. He promised himself
that his country would never suffer such a defeat
again. Hitler became deeply involved in politics.
In speech after
speech, he
promised to
make Germany
great again.
In 1923 Hitler formed a coup and tried
to overthrow the German government
by force. He was charged with
treason, convicted, and
sent to prison. He
began writing
Mein Kampf
(My Struggle)
while in prison.
Once released from prison, Hitler decided to
seize power constitutionally rather than by force
of arms. Hitler spoke to scores of mass
audiences, calling for the German people to
resist the Jews and Communists, and to create
a new empire
which would
rule the world
for 1,000 years.
By 1933, this
once unknown
soldier was
dictator of Germany.
Hitler blamed Germany’s economic problems
on the Jews. He spread hateful theories about
Jews, Gypsies, and other ethnic groups in
Germany. He claimed they were inferior to, or
not as good as, other Germans. He claimed
that true Germans were a superior ethnic group
and believed that this superior group deserved
a larger country.
Soon after, treatment of the Jews was a major
theme of Hitler's plan, and the increasing
scapegoating of the Jews for inflation, political
instability, unemployment, and the humiliation in
the war, found a willing audience. Jews were
tied to "internationalism"
(being loyal to more
than just Germany)
by Hitler. The name
of the party was
changed to the
National Socialist
German Worker's
Party, and the red flag
with the swastika was
adopted as the party
Jewish stores were destroyed.
Many people did not believe Hitler’s threats
about Germany deserving more land, but he
was deadly serious. He ordered attacks on
neighboring countries and forced them under
German rule. His actions led to the start of
WWII. In 1939, Great Britain, The Soviet Union,
and The United
States (1941)
joined other
nations to stop
Hitler and the
By the end of the war, Europe was in
ruins. People around the world learned
that the Germans had forced countless
Jews, Gypsies, Slavs,
and others into
Concentration Camps.
The horrible mass
murder, or genocide,
of six million Jews is
called, the Holocaust.
Gates to Auschwitz
“Work Sets One Free”
Several attempts were
made on Hitler's life during
the war but none were
successful. As the war
appeared to be inevitably
lost and his hand-picked
lieutenants, seeing the
futility, defied his orders,
he killed himself on April
30, 1945. By that time, one of
his chief objectives was
achieved with the genocide
of two-thirds of European