American History Chapter 17: World War II: The Road to War

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Transcript American History Chapter 17: World War II: The Road to War

American History Chapter 17:
World War II: The Road to War
(1931 – 1941)
II. Europe Goes to War
• Understand how the German invasion of
Poland led to war with Britain and France.
• See what wartime victories and setbacks
Germany experienced in western Europe.
• Find out why the Battle of Britain was an
important victory for Britain.
Bell Ringer
• Germany’s successful attack plan called
blitzkreig gave them quick key victories in
Poland, Netherlands, Luxembourg,
Belgium, and France.
• What type of tactical advantage did these
early victories give Germany?
• What were some “new fighting techniques”
used in the Civil War and WWI?
A) Invasion of Poland
• Page 575
• After the conquest of Czechoslovakia,
Britain and France abandon appeasement
and warn Hitler not to take Poland
• Hitler did not want a 2 front war – signs the
10 year Nonagression Pact with Stalin and
the USSR. Secret part was to divide up
Poland and rest of Eastern Europe.
• Sept 1st, 1939 WWII starts – Poland falls
B) War in the West
• Sitzkreig: “phony war” period of several months after the
fall of Poland of no fighting.
• Maginot Line – French defense – concrete wall between
Germany and France
• Germans attack Norway on April 9th, Norway, Denmark,
Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Belgium all fall quickly
• German army races through France and divides its army
into 2.
• Miracle at Dunkirk: 350,000 British and French troops
trapped on beach – 9 days and tremendous effort
rescues all but 30,000. Fight another day.
The Fall of France
June 14th 1940 Paris falls
June 22nd, France surrenders
France divided into 2 – North and Atlantic coast
controlled by Germany, the South out of Vichy,
controlled by France
8) collaboration: close cooperation
9) Resistance: groups of French citizens who
sabotaged German operations in France
French in England formed the Free French under
General Charles de Gaulle – still fought the Germans
with colonies.
Britain stands alone against Germany
10) allies: Britain, US, and USSR
C) The Battle of Britain
Chamberlain replaced by Winston Churchill as Prime
Minister of England
Germany ready to invade England – need air superiority
first – Luftwaffe – German air force (Nazi)
Battle of Britain – RAF
German bombers get lost – bomb London –British
retaliate and bomb Berlin – Hitler orders bombing of
London instead of factories – 1st big mistake.
20,000 Londoners died
British break the Enigma code – know where they are
going to be attacked – also had Radar.
RAF – win the battle of Britain
• How did the German invasion of Poland
lead to war with Britain and France?
• What wartime victories and setbacks did
Germany experience in western Europe?
• Why was the Battle of Britain an important
victory for Britain?