17136C Understanging Buyers

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Transcript 17136C Understanging Buyers

Understanging Buyers
Ch.02 Market segmentation and
the marketing environment
Section A:True or False
The marketing environment includes only factors over which
the business has total control.
Answer: F
page 34
Technology has one of the largest influences on consumer
Answer: T
page 34
Most people only pretend to desire healthier lifestyles, so
marketers don’t really have to consider healthy options.
Answer: F
page 35
Internet shopping is a growing area mainly because people
love computers.
Answer: F
page 37
The changing role of women in society has led to advertising
campaigns such as Sportscraft featuring Matt Welsh promoting
the brand.
Answer: F
page 41
6. A geodemographic profile is a demographic description of people
living in a specific geographic locality.
Answer: T
page 43
7. Market aggregation is preferred by marketers because it is easier
than developing different products for different segments.
Answer: F
page 47
8. Effective segmentation requires segments be measurable,
accessible and large enough to be profitable.
Answer: T
page 48
9. Segmentation is not always the best answer to meeting businesses’
and customers’ needs.
Answer: T
page 49
Customer type and size is a commonly used method of
segmenting business markets.
Answer: T
page 52
Understanging Buyers
Ch.02 Market segmentation
and the marketing environment
Section B:
Multiple Choice
Question 1
In the context of consumer behaviour, ‘value’ refers to:
a) How much the product or service costs
b) How well a consumer’s needs are satisfied
c) How expensive the packaging looks
d) How easy it is to get the product or service
Answer: B
page 33
Question 2
In the marketing environment, social/cultural forces include:
a) Healthy lifestyles, computers and household consumption
b) Time poor consumers, changing gender roles and environmental
c) Local competition, time poor consumers and healthy lifestyles
d) Employment, changing gender roles and household composition
Answer: B
page 34
Question 3
McDonald’s Salads Plus menu was launched in response to which
changing environmental factor?
a) Healthy life styles
b) Time poor consumers
c) Increased competition
d) Demographics
Answer: A
page 35
Question 4
The growth of sports marketing is a response to which changing
environmental factor?
a) Changing gender roles
b) Time poor consumers
c) Demographics
d) Healthy life styles
Answer: D
page 35
Question 5
Food available at the 2004 Royal Easter Show included Indian, stir fry
noodles and Nachos. This is a response to:
a) Health issues, increased incomes and government policies
b) Health issues, competition and environmental issues
c) Health issues, multiculturalism and broadening of people’s tastes
d) Health issues, changing gender roles and multiculturalism
Answer: C
page 37
Question 6
Many white-goods brands such as Westinghouse target their
appliances at:
a) Time poor consumers
b) Consumers with increasing incomes
c) Consumers with larger families
d) Everybody
Answer: A
page 37
Question 7
The rising divorce rate in Australia has led to marketing opportunities
such as:
a) Low cost products
b) McCain Healthy Choice Meals
c) Socks
d) King size bed sheets
Answer: B
page 38
Question 8
The sponsorship of the Ballarat Drag Racing Club by AutoPro, an
automotive parts retailer, is an example of:
a) A waste of money
b) Establishing credibility in a hard-to-reach market
c) The owner using the business’ money to support his hobby
d) Standard marketing for Victorian businesses
Answer: B
page 40
Question 9
a) Increases marketing costs
b) Allows marketers to better satisfy needs
c) Can be chosen by small firms due to time and resource constraints
d) All of the above
Answer: D
page 41
Question 10
The labelling claim on food ‘organically grown’ is a response to:
a) Mass hysteria about genetically modified food
b) Social conditions in rural areas
c) Environmental and healthy lifestyle factors
d) Increasing education levels of consumers
Answer: C
pages 35 & 40
Question 11
Effective segmentation should be:
b) Accessible
c) Large enough to be profitable
d) All of the above
Answer: D
page 48
Question 12
When US-made electrical products are sold in Australia, they are sold
with a different type of plug. This is an example of:
a) Geographic segmentation
b) Psychographic segmentation
c) Demographic segmentation
d) Gender based segmentation
Answer: A
page 41
Question 13
Ethnic background is a part of:
a) Geographic segmentation
b) Social/cultural segmentation
c) Demographic segmentation
d) Psychographic segmentation
Answer: C
page 42
Question 14
Psychographic segmentation divides the market into groups based
a) Lifestyle
b) Mental health
c) Income
d) Age
Answer: A
page 42
Question 15
The new brands of cat food claiming to be ‘gourmet’ pet
food are using which type of segmentation?
Psychographic segmentation
Social/cultural segmentation
Demographic segmentation
Product-related segmentation
Answer: D page 42
Question 16
A psychographic profile is developed by considering:
Attitudes and interests
Interests and opinions
Opinions and attitudes
All of the above
Answer: D page 42
Question 17
In order to conduct benefit segmentation, a firm must:
a) Identify the customer description
b) Identify the particular benefit the customer looks for
c) Identify the point of differentiation of close competitors
d) Identify a benefit that sounds reasonable
Answer: B
page 43
Question 18
Differentiation means:
a) Making your packaging black if all competitors’ packs are white or
b) Giving your product a unique or distinct identity
c) Creating a marketing mix so that customers can see a clear benefit
d) All of the above
Answer: D
page 46
Question 19
A market aggregation strategy is most appropriate when:
a) The marketers can’t think of a way of segmenting the market
b) The business can’t be bothered to spend the extra dollars to
make different product versions
c) A large percentage of customers have similar perceptions about
the product in the market
d) A large percentage of customers have the same age and income
Answer: C
pages 46-47
Question 20
Chocorama uses market aggregation because it:
a) Has a single range of chocolates
b) Has a single promotion, distribution, pricing and product mix
c) Targets only special people
d) Targets only one of the various segments they have identified
Answer: B
page 47
Question 21
The question ‘What business is the company really in?’ is asked when:
a) Completing the census forms
b) Filling out GST returns
c) Approaching segmentation
d) Designing distribution
Answer: C
page 47
Question 22
Johnson and Johnson’s brand ‘Clean and Clear’ range of skin care
products is an example of:
a) Segmentation
b) Aggregation
c) Differentiation
d) Assimilation
Answer: A
page 49
Question 23
A major limitation of segmentation is:
a) It can confuse the market
b) It can be expensive
c) It might not work
d) If one competitor starts, everyone else follows
Answer: B
page 49
Question 24
Business segmentation:
a) Doesn’t happen
b) Uses the same bases as consumer segmentation
c) Can use geographic and customer type as segmentation bases
d) Always happens
Answer: C
page 49
Question 25
The broad objectives of sports marketing are:
To segment the market as much as possible and make money
Get everyone to watch sport and buy sports drinks
Make the Australian people more health conscious and active
Raise corporate image, increase brand awareness and create
media efficiency
Answer: D
page 39