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Microsoft adCenter API
SES San Jose: Search Laboratories
August 7, 2006
Erynn Petersen, Product Manager
• Why adCenter?
• AdCenter API Basics
• QA
Why adCenter
What’s Working for our Clients
“The ROAS comparison for June for our
biggest client, expressed as revenue per
ad dollar spent, is $2.85 for AdWords,
$5.53 for Yahoo, and $8.13 for
Microsoft adCenter. Needless to say,
we’re going to increase our investment
in Microsoft adCenter right away.”
— David Szetela , President & CEO, Clix
“The campaign has been an overwhelming
success. We have seen conversion rates
up to two times as high as other major
search engines, including Google, all at
lower bid prices. At this point, we want to
spend as much money with Microsoft
adCenter as we can because it simply
works as well or better than anything else
out there.
-- David Rodnitzky, Senior Director of
Marketing Adteractive
“The efficiency gained from Microsoft
adCenter allowed to be more
aggressive with its acquisition strategy,
resulting in more conversions across
the entire campaign.”
— Frank Lee, VP, Account Management &
Partner Relations, The Search Agency
“MSN achieved an excellent rate of return
on the amount we spent.
looks forward to growing our paid search
campaign with MSN as the engine
-- Craig Cooperman, Director, Advertising &
Partner Marketing at
Our Favorite Words
• Free
• Soon
Main Services
• Campaign Management
• Reporting
• Customer Management
• Administration
• Versioning was released when we shifted to the Microsoft
domain and each service is on its own directory
Still Very Early in the Search Biz…
• Continually refining and improving both adCenter
and the API
• Invitation only
• Continuously responding to customer feedback
• Free
Customer Driven Developments
• Reporting- all or none
• Reporting- 8 am SLA on reports delivery
• Improved documentation
• Development community slated to roll out soon
adCenter as Platform
• Encourage customers to plug into the system
• Experimenting with weights as opposed to quotas
or fees
• Expanding the invitation list
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