Questions to introduce the evolutionary theory of mate

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Transcript Questions to introduce the evolutionary theory of mate

Empathising or systemising or
Which is which from examples of play
•Sorting out toy cars into size order
•Putting teddy bear to bed
•Cleaning toy puppy’s teeth
•Having imaginary conversations with toys
•Organising crayons into colour
•Mending engine on toy tractor
•Learning to say please to get what you want
•Offering everyone in the room chocolate biscuits
Watch the clip
How does this support the evolutionary
explanation of gender?
Empathising systemising theory
Office of National Statistics (2008)
How could
this theory
explain these
Parental investment theory:
Draw on whiteboards and fill in based on previous learning.
Write down the differences in these between men and
women and say how it links to evolutionary approach
IDA – Determinism
You have 5 minutes, in silence, to write down
an IDA point on determinism for the
evolutionary theory on the sheet.
As a group have a look at everyone’s work and
use these to write one ‘perfect’ IDA paragraph
on the big whiteboards. You have 10 minutes.
1. Read the evidence for both theories – do not
ground yet!
2. On big whiteboards - ground the evidence
you are instructed to focus on.
3. Swap boards - anything to change/amend or
4. Look at all the evidence and come up with
one criticism of the methodology. Think
about how this impacts the theory – I will
ask you to comment on this afterwards.
Potential wider evaluation points:
• Do these theories explain cultural
differences in child rearing?
• What are the negative implications of
these theories?
• Can they explain individuals who do not
behave in stereotypical ways?
Discuss these points in your groups. Be
prepared to feedback on these.