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Transcript SEX - Mount St. Joseph University

By: Ronald F. White, Ph.D.
Professor of Philosophy
College of Mount St. Joseph
• Explaining, Predicting, and Controlling Sex
– Judeo-Christian
– Western Liberal
– Social Science
• Tabula Rasa
• Behaviorism
• Teaching and Learning (guns and dolls)
– Sociobiology
From Sociobiology to
Evolutionary Psychology
• Early Pioneers
• Sociobiology
– Edward O. Wilson, Human Nature
– Richard Dawkins, The Selfish Gene
• Evolutionary Psychology
– Tooby and Wilson, Homicide
Game Theory
• Population Dynamics
• Universality
• Evolutionarily Stable Strategies (ESS)
– Unconditional Strategies
• Doves
• Hawks
– Conditional Strategies
• Bullies
• Retaliators
Evolutionary Psychology
• Underlying Assumptions
– Natural Selection and Sexual Selection
– Mind is produced by the brain
– The human brain has been profoundly shaped by social relationships.
Esp. sex (male and female preferences)
– The brain has adapted to reproductive problems that human beings
faced in the Pleistocene era.
– The “Modular Theory of the Brain.”
• The brain as a “Swiss Army Knife”
– Sexual Dimorphism: The brains and bodies of males and females
evolved under different environmental conditions
• Mothers and Gatherers
• Warriors and Hunters
– Time Lags: Because cultural evolution takes place at a much faster
pace, the human brain may be maladapted to deal with our current
environment (political, social, technological, biological).
Comparative mating: Animals v. Humans
Cultural Influence
Variability of male and female bodies and behavior (male-female continuum)
Self Interest and Cooperation: altruism, kin altruism, reciprocal altruism
How do two different kinds of human brains cooperate long enough to produce offspring?
Bearing of Offspring
Caring of Offspring
Reproductive Strategies
Concealed Estrus
Dating Practices
Body Signals
R strategy
K strategy
Marital Arrangement
Male and Female Orgasms
Relationship Violence
Serial Monogamy (7 year itch?)
Sex for fun
Sex outside of marriage
How Malleable are Sex Roles?
• Change the Environment
– Teaching and Learning
• Change the Body
– Sex Change Operations
– Hormone Therapy