Project and PCB making Workshop

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Transcript Project and PCB making Workshop

Aim of workshop
 Study of theory and to apply it.
 To learn, how to design compact PCB.
 Learn PCB making process.
Steps involved in making a project.
Take circuit from any authorized source OR design your
own circuit using simulators.
Buy components which are to be used in the circuit. Try to
buy the components from the shop where they are much
Assemble the circuit on breadboard. If the circuit is
working properly then proceed to next step.
Make PCB layout for this circuit. PCB layout should be
compact, so use datasheets of the components.
Now assemble the circuit on PCB. The steps involved in
making PCB will be illustrated later.
Regulated power supply
Circuit diagram:
• Negative supply:
• Most digital IC’s including microprocessors and digital IC’s
operate on ±5 volt.
• There is often need of clock signal for digital circuits, so
60 Hz square wave is used as a clock signal.
Almost all linear IC’s operate on ±15 volt.
Hence this power supply is too much useful for electronic
IR Transmitter and Receiver
• Circuit diagram (transmitter):
• When used with optical fiber, this circuit transmits the
signal over large distance.
• When used with digital circuit, the above circuit can be
used as remote control.
The end