Phosphorus Cycle

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Phosphorus Cycle
is a vital nutrient necessary for plants and
 It is the building block of important parts of the
body such as DNA, RNA, cell membranes, bones
and teeth.
 About 80% of the world’s phosphorus is used in
fertilizers and soft drinks.
 Unlike
other cycles of matter compounds,
phosphorus cannot be found in atmosphere as a
 It usually cycles through water, soil, and
Phosphorous Cycle
1. P is eroded from rocks and deposited in the soil.
2. Plants get P from the soil.
3. It is absorbed by herbivores (when they consume the
plants) and then by carnivores (when they eat the
4. Deposited back into the soil when plants/animals decay or
through animal waste.
Human Effects
 The
mining of phosphate ores for fertilizer affects
the time cycle of the phosphorus cycle.
 Mining results in the premature release of
phosphates into the cycle which can cause an
abundance of algae to form and cause hypoxia.
 Normal levels of Phosphorus in surface water .01
to .03 mg/l