Gravity`s Effect on Erosion and Deposition 12-4

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Transcript Gravity`s Effect on Erosion and Deposition 12-4

Gravity’s Effect on Erosion 2/5/15
12-4 pgs. 316-319
IN: How does
glaciation change the
appearance of
Terms to Learn & Objectives
► Terms:
mass movement
rock fall landslide creep
► Objectives:
• Explain how slope is related to mass
• State how gravity affects mass movement.
• Describe different types of mass
How does gravity effect erosion?
Movement – the movement
of any material, such as rock, soil,
or snow, downslope.
movement is controlled by
the force of gravity and can occur
rapidly or slowly.
Angle of Repose
► The
angle of repose is the steepest angle,
or slope, at which loose material will not
slide downslope.
Rapid Mass Movement
Rock Fall – a group of loose rocks
that fall down a steep slope.
Rapid Mass Movement
Landslide – a sudden and rapid
movement of a large amount of
material downslope.
Rapid Mass Movement
Slump – when a block of material
moves downslope .
Mudflow – the rapid movement of a
large mass of mud/rock and soil
mixed with a large amount of
water that flows downhill.
Rapid Mass Movement
Lahars – mudflows of volcanic origin.
Slow Mass Movement
Creep – the extremely slow
movement of material downslope.
OUT: What factors
increase the potential
for mass movement?