Transcript Forces

What will we learn
this year?
 Speed
 Distance divided by Time
 (meters per second)
 Velocity
 Speed in a given direction
(meters per second, south)
 Acceleration
 Change in velocity
(meters per second per second)
Graphing these concepts
For example…
(A Push or a Pull)
 Types of Forces:
 Gravity
 Friction
 Normal
 Elastic
Newton’s Laws of Motion
First Law:
Second Law:
Force = Mass times Acceleration
Third Law:
 Density: The amount of matter in a given volume of
a substance.
 Density = mass divided by volume
 Buoyancy:
An upward force exerted on an object
by the surrounding fluid.
Properties of Matter
 Ways to describe matter; color, texture, shape, size,
temperature, etc.
 States of Matter:
 Solids, Liquids, and Gases
 Changes in Matter:
 Physical Changes
 Chemical Changes
Atomic Structure
 Atoms
 Nucleus
 Electrons
 Periodic Table
Show Pop-Up Book
Acids & Bases
 Characteristics of Acids:
-Taste Sour
-Corrode metals
-pH less than 7
 Characteristics of Bases:
-Taste Bitter
-Feel Slippery
-pH greater than 7
 All of the Laws of Physics also apply in Space so, what
you’ve learned about the laws of Motion, Forces
(gravity), Density, Buoyancy, Properties of Matter,
Atomic Structure, and Acids & Bases help to fully
understand the structure of the Universe.
How we will learn
 Reading the textbook
 Discussions
 Taking notes
 Answering questions in workbook
 Drawings
 Flashcards
 Answering questions in textbook
 Lab activities
 Atom pop up book
Materials needed for class
 3 ring binder (1 ½ inch)
 Loose leaf paper
 Colored pencils
 Pencil sharpener with cover for pencil shavings
 Metric ruler
 Sheet protectors
 Calculator
 Highlighter
 White-out
 Blue or black ink pen
How we will be graded
Total points
 Tests (40-50) and Quizzes (20-30)
 JQ’s (10 per set)
 Atom project (50)
 Daily assignments/homework (4-10)
Steps to success
 Be prepared each day with all
of your materials
 Pay attention! Stay focused!!
 Ask specific questions during
the lesson if you are confused
Steps continued
Be aware of any confusion
regarding assignments and ask
me to help you to clear up your
Be thoughtful and thorough
when doing assignments and
finish them on time.
 Go over the information each day for 5 to 10
minutes to keep it familiar
 Notes, textbook pages, workbook pages, JQs,
and worksheets
 Create your own favorite study materials like
flashcards, drawings, outlines
 Attend study halls if still not confident about
 Never wait until the last minute to review for a