Transcript Puerto Rico

Market Update
ASLF 2016
Fernando Guzmán
Puerto Rico DCC Head
Capital Market
PR Continues under a unsustainable debt condition. PR Government officially went into default on it’s 72 billion in
debt after decade of economic contraction
• Puerto Rico's economy has been struggling since 2006
• Material increases in debt levels
• High illiquid
condition. Claw back executed to prioritize
constitutional debt. Other buckets on default
• Large awareness from US Congress & US Department of
• 8% of population (300k people) leaving the island during the
last decade
• Government austerity measures taken, but not enough for
• Government exposure in local banks equivalent to 33% of their
Tier 1 capital
• US bankruptcy laws don't allow government institutions in
Puerto Rico to declare bankruptcy
Source: Government Development Bank of Puerto Rico
Recent Market Developments
No significant activity since 1Q2014
 Credit downgrade into junk (Jan 2014) diminished the Puerto
Rico government’s chances of accessing the capital markets.
 Government’s last issuance dated March 2014 when raised
US$3.5 billion in G.O.’s
Local public companies performance
 5 companies in PRSI (no stock exchange in PR). All in
negative performance.
 Last significant event from a private company: Evertec’s IPO
in 2012 ($700MM)
Tax law changes
 Effective April 1, 2016, the Sales and Use Tax will be replaced
with a Value Added Tax regime (VAT).
Puerto Rico Sock Index
Popular Inc
Oriental Bank
Evertec Inc
Triple S
2/4/2016 1YR Delta
Local Banks - Market Cap & Government Exposure
Tier 1 (US $B)
Popular Inc
Oriental Bank
Source: Bloomberg
Mkt Cap
Gov Exposure
Service Update
Key Development
Pre-match for physical
Implementation of prematch status functionality
for physical securities
Auto reverse instructions are
properly managed. Clients may
stop the settlements process
even if the securities are in
transit with the Trust.
Integration of additional
SWIFT capabilities
Improvement managing
bulk payments from trusts
Implementation of MT537
and MT548 (pending
transactions and
settlement status)
Capacity to match bulk
payment without breakdown
with clients’ instructions to
post segregated items
Additional SWIFT messages
now available with updates
related to physical settlements
for a process that may take up 8
Citi is posting credit per items
from a bulk payment without
Forthcoming Initiatives
Transfer of clients with US
Custody to USA
Corporate Event for the
payment of fractional
Customers with US securities (DCC or FED) will be transferred to US Americas Securities
Window. Services will be provide directly from the Americas Securities Services hub.
Participants of Mutual Funds will receive monthly Corporate Event with the payments of
fractional shares. This will modify the current process of manual credits for such
Country Hot Topic
Local expectation waiting for US Congress to take action regarding PR debt
 Puerto Rico cannot declare bankruptcy under federal law.
 Restructuring local law was challenged by bondholders in the federal court.
 Congressmen made the commitment to present legislation to attend the issue by the end of 1Q16.
 US lawmakers are pushing for a federal control board to manage financial budgets and expenses.
Impact of PR debt exposure in local banks, retirement systems and other financial Institutions
 Local banks’ government exposure equivalent to 45% of total market cap and to 33% of T1 capital.
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