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Governance of Energy from the
Local to the Global
— A Necessity
for Climate Change Mitigation
Sylvia Karlsson
11th Annual IEF Conference,
Ottawa, Canada
12-14 October 2007
International Environment Forum
1. Energy and climate change
2. What is governance?
3. Global energy governance
4. National energy governance
5. Local energy governance
6. Life beyond energy...
Energy (mostly fossil
fuels) is the key driver
behind human
contributions to climate
Two thirds of green
house gases come from
energy use.
Per capita energy use (giga joules) by region, 2000
OECD North America
- 2,4 billion people lac
access to modern
cooking fuels (half of
all households and
90% of rural Series1
- 1,6 billion lack acces
to electricity (one
quarter of world
OECD Pacific
OECD Europe
Non-OECD Europe
Former USSR
Latin America and Caribbean
Middle East and North Africa
Sub-Saharan Africa
100 150 200 250 300
Source: World Energy Assessment Overview 2004 Update
“Governance is the sum of the many ways
individuals and institutions, public and private,
manage their common affairs. It is a continuing
process through which conflicting or diverse
interests may be accommodated and co-operative
action may be taken.” (Commission on Global
Governance 1995)
Global energy governance
• mediate conflict over energy resources
• facilitate the transition to renewable energy
• address global energy disparities
“The light of men is Justice. .. The purpose of justice is
the appearance of unity among men.”
- Bahá'u'lláh 6
National energy governance
• take strong immediate decisions
favouring energy efficiency, energy
savings and renewable sources
• take bold (and sometimes costly)
decisions in long-term energy planning
“Trustworthiness is the foundation
of all virtues” - Bahá'u'lláh -
Individuals, families, communities
• choose more efficient lightbulbs, fridges, cars etc.
• choose renewable energy sources
• drive less, fly less, consume less...
“ content with little” - Bahá'u'lláh 8
...but live more with less energy!
“ is clear that the
honour and exaltation of
man must be something
more than material riches.
Material comforts are only
a branch, but the
the good attributes and
virtues which are the
adornments of his reality
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