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Feedback on the Mozambican 2nd Scientific Catchment Meeting
Final Scientific Workshop
JHB, 15-18th June 2009
23 delegates from different institutions
 Research & Education (IIAM, UEM, ISPG)
 Government (SDAE, ARA-Sul, HICEP; Lower Limpopo
Irrigation Project)
 Private sector
 ONG’s (LWF)
 Farmers
Project reports (RWH;
Water management &
BSc; MSc & PhD results)
Climate Change study;
WWF experience on small
dams management;
Lower Limpopo ProjectMachongo; Limpopo WM
Project interventions (studies) helped to
point out solutions for some problems in the
Basin…need to establish appropriate
channels to influence decision-makers;
Need to establish appropriate mechanisms to
share the experiences and results from the
Need to establish effective linkages between
the researchers, extension officers & farmers;
Future interventions should consider de impact of
climate change on sowing dates vs. appropriate
More applied research on the Northern dry areas of
Gaza Province targeting RW vs. small dams
RWHT should be tested and promoted in regions
where farmers do not have alternative to rainfed
agricultures (irrigation & wetlands – machongo)