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What you need to do…...
Pick your event date & time. We’ll check this in the events calendar and let you know your options. We don’t formally
reserve any dates until a £50 deposit has been paid. Were currently taking bookings for 2017 so we recommend customers
reserve dates as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.
2. Fill in the party booking form which will be sent to you giving us all your contact information and party requirements.
3. Select your crafts & themes, this is the hardest part as there’s so much to choose from!
We’ve got everything from Alice’s wonderland to woodlands and carnivals! Once you have a theme or chosen craft we can help
you build up the rest of your event.
4. Select your food from our party list however if there’s anything specific you’d like that we don’t have listed let us know and
we’ll create it for you!
5. Add on any party games, party bags and any extra treats and your all set!
The important info
We don’t reserve any dates until a deposit is paid. If we don’t receive a deposit after 24 hours of date confirmation we will assume you no longer
wish to hold the date & it will be made available to other customers.
Deposits are deducted from the party total which is then payable on the day of your event.
Deposits are none exchangeable or refundable once secured against a date.
Parties generally last 2 hours however we recommend parents planning events ask other parents to return to the store to collect children after 1.5
Adults who have booked the event are responsible for all children whilst the event takes place.
Any dietary requirements of guests must be stated on the booking form in order for us to cater to them suitably for the event.
Our in store capacity is 32 seated comfortably. We have no minimum guest numbers however we do not give sole use of the store to any parties
unless specified at the time of booking. A minimum spend of £150 is required to secure sole usage of the store.
Cakes and candles are welcomed in store which we will serve to you and your guests during the event however we do not permit sparklers and
sparkling candles due to our sensitive fire systems in store.
We provide our vintage background music as standard for our events however should you wish to provide your own music this must be stated at
the time of booking. Personal music can only be played when events have sole usage of the store. Any music playing equipment your personal
music requires must be provided by the lead adult, which will be stationed on the counter and played throughout the event.
Afternoon Tea
Open your parcels and take a look at your cake stand to
discover what delicious treats we’ve packed up for your
Wash this all down with unlimited tea and coffee and your
set for a treat to remember! Delivered to you wrapped in
your very own picnic baskets, you’ll find a selection of
delicious sandwiches alongside your very own hedgehog
carrying your freshly baked spiced cherry scone served
along with little pots of jam & cream with its very own
little hand wrapped parcel of butter.
Then onto your sweet treats, the highlight of every picnic!
Carnival tea
Arrive to your striped boxes brimming with popcorn
before pouring your cloudy lemonade into vintage
You’ll be served with hotdogs, crisp filled newspaper
cones, donuts, flumps and lots of old school sweet treats.
A fun alternative to tea time!
Afternoon tea tapas
Afternoon tea with a twist!
Have fun choosing your tea taps from our tables brimming with
alternative treats.
Including a selection of sandwiches, cockatiel sausages, cheese,
grapes & chutneys, grown up cup cakes, fruit skewers and lots
Cream Tea
Enjoy one of our giant spiced fruit & cherry scones served in its
very own hedgehog with hand wrapped butter parcels alongside
a mini tea cup filled with fresh whipped cream & a jar of fruit
Wash it down with unlimited of tea or coffee.
Perfect for a less formal get together!
£2 per carton
Mix ups
Ginger bread designing
Why should the kids have all the
Deliver each of your guests a
surprise mix up that includes a
party treat and a selection of
sweeties all served in a vintage
paper bag.
A fun interactive extra for your
guests to enjoy.
Each guest will get a ginger bread
biscuits along with a supply of
coloured icings, sprinkles and
sweeties to design their very own
ginger bread dessert.
A great addition for your guests to
nibble when they arrive or while
they’re crafting.
Ice cream carts
Get interactive with this ice
cream dessert.
Scoop your favourite flavours
before adding your sauces and
Pass the parcel
£3 per parcel
A favourite grown up party game of
Get your guests to pass a parcel
around while the music plays. Take
a layer of the parcel off if you’re the
lucky person the music stops on.
Mocktail reception drink
Personalised place settings
Priced at £2.50 per guest
A lovely keep sake for each guest to
take away from your event.
Pre ordering must be done 14 days
before event.
Arrive to a mocktail reception
drink for each of your guests.
Served in a mixture of cocktail
glasses you’ll enjoy a none
alcoholic mocktail drink that’s a
great way to make your guests
comfortable & excited!
Vintage sash
Priced at £8 per sash
Burlap sash with vintage lace
Personalised name or phrase
appliqued on.
Pre ordering at time of booking
Photo prop box
Arrive to a box of props for your
guests to have fun posing with.
Include a disposable camera
including prints for an
additional £15
Bra pong
Take turns throwing your ping
pong balls into the scored bras.
The winner is the lucky lady with
the highest bra pong score who
will win a prize!
Ring toss
Priced at £1 per guest
Try your luck to hook a ring on
a bottle for a lovely sweet treat
Date night jar
£5 per jar
Each guest writes a date night idea
for the special guest that are to be
completed in the following year.
Say yes to the loo roll dress
One of our most popular games!
Guest will work in teams to design a
loo roll dress on there teams model.
The winning team as chosen by the
VIP & will receive a special prize.
Hook a duck
Priced at £2.50 per guest
Includes a wrapped prize for each
Have fun hooking your ducks from
our miniature pond to win a prize.
Message in a bottle
£6 per bottle
Each guest writes a note to the
lucky celebrant that will be
sealed up & read on the first
anniversary of the celebration.
Knicker biscuit designing
£2 per guest
Each guest will design a pair of
biscuit briefs using a supply of
coloured icings, sprinkles and
lots more.
The winner will be voted for by
guests and announced at the end
of the event.
Kiss the miss guest book
A gorgeous keepsake for the
special guest. Each guest puckers
up and places a kiss on the frame,
writing their name alongside the
A space is left in the centre for a
favourite party photo to be
Includes frame & lip sticks
Wall names
£5 per guest
Each guest will have fun creating
an individual letter of a chosen
name, phrase or message.
You will pre select the colour
scheme & we’ll show you the rest.
Wooden bunting
Wooden bunting that will be laid
out for each guest to decoupage,
collage & design onto.
Presented to the VIP in a gift
box at the end of the event.
Sash designing
£7 per guest
Get your guests to design their
own personalised party sash’s.
You’ll pre select your colour
theme & trims and the guests will
pant on the rest!
A great ice breaker.
Book folding
Hedgehogs £7pp Birdcages
We’ll show you how to fold your
book pages to create your
chosen design.
Once folded we’ll help you
decorate your hedgehog or bird
house using a selection of
vintage trims, buttons, beads
and lots more.
Flower crown making
£4.50 per guest
Guests will have fun making their own
bridal shower flower crowns choosing
from a variety of flowers, ribbons &
trims to make their chosen crown.
Fabric bunting
Our best selling craft!
Each guest decorates their
chosen flag using all our vintage
laces, trims, ribbons, beads &
Guests then write a label to the
VIP that is strung next to each
flag before being presented in a
gift box at the end of the event.
Bag designing
£6 per guest
Have fun designing and making
your own personalised reusable
Guests will have a variety of
fabric pens, pains, trims, buttons
and beads available to help them
create their chosen design.
Gingie designing
£5 per guest
Our best selling in store craft, our
gingies are gorgeous little handmade
gingerbread men that you can all
learn to make with us at your party.
Keepsake rag wreath
£10 per guest
A great craft for guests who’d like to
add something personal to their
We’ll provide lots of fabrics and wire
frames to get you all started. These
have been added into with favourite
baby clothes or special items that
guests have saved in the past to
create a unique keepsake wreath.
Tea cup & Champagne glass
£5 per guest
Get your guests to design their
own wine glasses or china tea
cups using our glass paints,
lace, trims and much more.
We’ll wrap them up for you to
take home too!
Event name
Kate’s 30th Birthday
Event date
Saturday 3rd
December 2016
Event time
1pm – 3pm
(2hr event time)
Booking details
Telephone number
Rachel Lumley
[email protected]
Guest numbers
Children attending
Dietary requirements
1x gluten free adult
Price PP £5
Craft choice
wall names
(Kate’s big 30, pink
Food choice
Carnival Tea
Woodland (pinks)
Ice cream carts £3pp
Vintage bride sash £8
Say yes to the loo roll dress £6
Bridal prop box & camera £5 + £15
Kiss the miss guest book £15
Price pp
Surprise party for bride to be.
Sole usage
Party price
£75 craft
£150 food
£45 ice cream cart
£8 sash
£6 game
£20 props & camera
£15 guest book
£105 sash designing
£424 total
PP £28.27
Female 15
Price pp £10
Date received
Use the form below to complete your party requirements.
Remember your dates aren’t secured until your £50 deposit has been received.
Once you’ve completed your form please return it to [email protected] where we will confirm your booking
We cant wait to celebrate with you all!
Event name
Event date
Event time
(2hr event time)
Booking details
Telephone number
Guest numbers
Craft choice
Children attending
Dietary requirements
Price PP
Price pp
Food choice
Price pp
Additional notes
Sole usage
Party price
Date received