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Banana Piano in 20 min
Be a Maker, not just a User
Start Coding!
The «Banana Piano» is an Introduction to…
The Makey Makey Invention Kit
Coding with Scratch
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Learning Objectives
What is this all about? Watch this short video:
Be a maker, not just a user. Computers can be changed and you can
control what they do. You get started by setting up the Makey Makey
and building a «banana piano».
 You’re used to control a computer by keyboard, mouse or touch. You
will learn to invent your own controller.
 You will do the first steps into coding.
What do you need?
 Makey Makey Kit: The Makey Makey converts everyday objects into a
keyboard an mouse.
 6 Bananas
 1 Computer with internet connection and USB port (a Windows
Tablet, Laptop or PC will work fine)
 Optional: If you’ve got trouble with the internet connection, ask your
teacher to download and install…
 Software: Scratch Offline Editor (on older computers you can use
Scratch 1.4.)
 File: Piano
1. Plug in USB: Small side of USB cable plugs into Makey Makey, big
side plugs into computer. Your computer «thinks», that a keyboard
and a mouse ar plugged in.
2. Close Popup Window: Your computer may ask you to install drivers
or do other setup. You can click cancel or close the window.
3. Connect to Earth: Connect one end of an alligator clip to «Earth» on
the bottom of the front side of Makey Makey.
4. Connect to yourself: Hold the metal part of the other end of the
alligator clip between your fingers. You are now «grounded».
5. Connect to «Space» and Try It: Open a
texteditor like Microsoft Word. While
you're still grounded, touch the round
"Space" pad on the MaKey MaKey. You
should see a green light on the MaKey
MaKey, and your computer will think
the space bar was pressed. You can also
complete the circuit by connecting
another alligator clip to "Space."
Your Makey Makey is ready now!
Play the Piano
1. Open the piano and click the green flag. You can play the piano with
the arrow keys, space and click.
Play the Piano
2. Now let’s connect
the bananas!
The player has to hold
the black cable
(connected to «Earth»)
in one hand!
«All my little ducklings»
is a good song to start
More than a Piano:
Code your own Musical Instrument
1. Let’s code our own musical instrument. Go to Scratch and click on
2. We will ignore the left side of the screen. Use «drag and drop» to
place commands on the right side.
More than a Piano:
Code your own Musical Instrument
3. Here’s the code for an electric guitar. You can change the
instrument and the notes on your own. It’s even possible to record
your own sounds.
More than a Piano:
Code your own Musical Instrument
4. Do you need more keys to play your song? There are different ways:
 The easiest way: Work together with another group. Work with two
Makey Makeys, two computers and two Scratch-programs.
 For advanced users: Use the backside of the Makey Makey (for example
the W, A, S, D, F, G keys). But you will need additional cables.
 Do you need help with Scratch? Here’s a PDF with Scratch music tipps and
More than Bananas:
Try out different Materials
Make anything into a key! You can make a connection through anything that's even a little
bit conductive. You can also create inventions that combine conductive and nonconductive parts.
Here are a few things to try:
 Most fruits and vegetables work great.
 Lots of other foods work too: Marshmallows, gummy candies, macaroni and cheese,
cupcakes, shrimp, and lots of other things.
 Plants can work too. Try some leaves or flowers, but nothing too dry.
 Play-Doh, Model Magic and other clays work very well as long as they stay moist.
 People are conductive! Connect one person to ground, and another to an input, and you
can trigger sounds when they high-five.
 Graphite from a pencil can work. Make thick, dark lines, and be sure to draw on a
smooth surface.
 Foil and other metal objects will work. Try out coins, magnets, nuts and bolts, forks and
knives, or pots and pans.
More than Music:
Let’s play a Game …or invent your own!
Invent your own game controller with different materials.
Here are a few games you can play online. It’s important that
they can be controlled with the arrow keys and space.
 Tetris
 Flash Flash Revolution: Make your own pads so you can play
this dancing game with your feet instead of the arrow keys.
 Pac Man made with Scratch, and here’s a faster version.
 Here’s a simple racing game, use it as a template to create
your own.
Additional Recources
 Where can I buy a Makey Makey? There are other online shops where
you can buy one.
 Some of the content of this Guide is from here. There’s a lot more, for
example troubleshooting and software that works with Makey Makey.
 What else can I do with Makey Makey?
 Here you can download the Scratch Offline Editor. Use Scratch 1.4. on
older computers.
 Scratch Cards are an easy way to get started with Scratch.