5th Grade Digital Literacy

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Transcript 5th Grade Digital Literacy

Grade Digital Literacy
In the Spring 5th graders have been very busy
learning about digital literacy, safe surfing, safety
online, blogging and researching. They have put
together a class Power Point to share what they have
Mrs. Lewis
Search Engines
• A search engine is something that you use to search on the
internet .
• Some of the three most popular search engines are Google,
Bing, and yahoo.
• A search engine is a program that searches documents for
specified key words and returns a list of the documents were the
key words were found. Its really just a general class of programs,
however, the term is often used to specifically describe systems
like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
• Search engines also make it possible to find a specific bit of
information amongst the huge mass of data stored on the web.
•The Yahoo CEO had offered to buy Google for roughly $3 billion,
but the young Internet search firm wasn't interested.
Charles E. Sergio B.
Copyright is copying someone
else’s work and saying that it is your
You shouldn’t copyright because it is
illegal. You could be stealing music , art
work, and someone else’s work.
What you shouldn’t do
-Do not copy anyone’s work
-Do not say someone’s work
is your work
-Do not copy the same notes
in music
By Anna and Maddison
What you should do
- You should not give a copy of a
CD because it is not yours
- perform your work publicity
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Netiquette is online manners and the social
code of online communication. The netiquette
rules are:
• Spell check
•No all caps
•Tell the truth
•Do not spam
•Do not send emails at night
•Shop on secure sites
If you use all caps it’s like you
are yelling at them. You should
respect other peoples privacy
and online rights. Be responsible
online and don’t be rude.
Andi E. and
Colleen S.
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When someone bullies you online, it is
called cyberbullying. It doesn’t make you
feel good when someone is mean to you
and calls you names.
You are
If you ever think of cyberbullying the first thing
that comes to you mind is bullying. Bullying is
not exactly the same as cyberbullying.
Bullying is physically hurting someone.
Cyberbulling is mean words someone is
typing about you on a electronic device.
The words someone types about you can
never be taken away. You can tell the other
person’s body language in person, but not
I hate
Katherine M. and Delaney S.
Online Safety
Online safety is knowing how to be safe on
the internet and protecting your self from
computer crime. People have to be very
careful because more and more people are
going on the internet. Passwords help you
stay safe on the internet and keep out
people that aren’t allowed on your personal
information and bank accounts.
John-Paul B. and
Frankie M.
You’re a
An internet troll is a
person who says mean
words on the internet
through a blog or other
type of social media to
other people trying to
provoke them into
responding emotionally. If
you would like to learn
more about trolls go to
this website.
What to do…
•If somebody is being
a troll you should tell
your parents right
•If trolls make you
upset you should not
respond and find
something else to do.
Karley K.
Lindsay G.
Plagiarism is stealing someone else's work.
Some examples of plagiarism are:
- Giving incorrect information about the source of a quotation
- Stealing other people’s music (or certain notes)
- Taking things off the internet without giving the person who
wrote it credit
- Turning in some one else’s work as your own
For more information watch this video:
Maggie, Jenna, and
Plagiarism pt.2
Submitting another’s work, word-for-word,
as one’s own
Find - Replace
Changing key words and phrases but retaining the
essential content of the source
Mash Up
Mixes copied material from multiple sources
Includes proper citation, but relies too closely on the text’s
original wording and/or structure
Maggie, Jenna, and Tabitha
To watch a blogging
safety video click here
Noah T. and G T.
1. In order to get the best search
results, you need to choose the best
keywords. Keywords are used to tell
the search engine what to look for.
2. If you don’t type in exactly what you want you will
probably get information about other topics.
Keywords pic.png
3. When you use keywords there won’t be as
many results.
4. When identifying keywords, select words
and phrases in the content of your website
that someone will probably use when
searching for a website.
Example: Instead of typing “bugs,” type in
Stink Bugs ( or a different type of bug).
5. While on the internet, use
strong keywords to help you find
exactly what you are looking for.
Information for #3:
Jake B.
Sean H.
Private Information
Private Information is something you don’t want the whole
world to see.
Some examples of Private Information are your name,
address, email, and phone number.
You can protect Private Information by using good
usernames and passwords. (Click here to learn about good
You don’t want people to know your Private Information
because you don’t want something to happen like being
For more info on Private Information
click here
Nolan L. and Blake
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