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Transcript Group-Project-Instructions-R-J

The Tragedy of
Romeo & Juliet
Group Project
Daily Instruction and Rubrics
Week 1: Reading
Today, you will read and analyze your Act & Scene.
 Then, as a group, you will discuss how this “looked in
the movie.” Make connections. Challenge one another
with ideas for your own skit.
 Mrs. Lichocki will be circulating the room to listen in
on the conversation.
Week 1: Written Proposal
In one-page typed, describe the plan for your skit.
How will you modernize it?
What unique features will the performance have?
Are you planning on satirizing?
How will you portray the characters?
On a separate sheet of paper, type approximately 1-paragraph
identifying and explaining the theme being shown by
What is the lesson to be learned?
 What is the message to the reader? Men and women of a certain age
group? Parents? Society? Others?
 Why is this so very important?
 How does this have implications for the future?
Week 1: Rationale
As a group, develop a one-page typed explanation of WHY you planned
the skit as you did.
In other words, you will provide at least 3 reasons to support your
Most importantly, explain what students are supposed to learn
(message, theme, satire techniques, irony, life lessons, language, etc.).
Week 2: Typed Script
You must develop lines for each of your characters. Please
refer to the textbook for set-up. This is “what” you say to one
another. EXACTLY as you will say it. No surprises for me…
 Lines will include any notes or stage direction in parentheses.
For example,
 Juliet: Romeo, Romeo…where you at? (Juliet is annoyed
and snaps at him as she looks around her backyard.)
 2 forms of figurative language and/or devices within your
lines (simile, metaphor, personification, pun, oxymoron,
double entendres)
 1 sonnet required, but iambic pentameter for extra credit
Week 2: Research
Type a 2-page researched description of the 16th-17th century in Italy.
Discuss the time period (Elizabethan Age/ Golden Age) and characteristics of it. (1
Describe the clothing of the time. What did it look for men and women? (1 paragraph)
Describe and include images of Verona, Italy. (1 paragraph)
Final paragraph should be an explanation of how you will “show” this period and place in
your skit.
The 2nd part of this, or additional 56 points, is your group’s discussion with Mrs. Lichocki
about these elements. You MUST show evidence of your setting and costuming. This will
take place on Monday, May 26th. You may also want to perform a part of the skit.
Something to think about. (20 points)
Week 3: Quiz Questions
As a group, create a mini quiz. (4 questions/ each different)
Multiple choice
Short essay
True/ False
Create a Thinking Map
Fill-in the blank
Correct the false statement or provide your reasoning
This should be based upon your performance ONLY.
What should your peers learn? What should they know, now?
NECESSARY of a test (including directions)
You MUST bring
Be prepared to work in the chronological sequence of
the play. Groups 1-6, beginning with the Montague/
Capulet street fight through the lover’s deaths.
 Skits should be practiced, perfected and TIMED BEFORE
you arrive to class.
 Each group has 8 minutes to perform.
 Each group will have 2-3 minutes to set up and change
into costume- please be mindful!
 Have your extra credit TYPED and ready to turn in
 Any technology utilized (Promethean, speakers, etc.) had
to be approved with Mrs. Lichocki and handled by you
and your group. Please check that your music, slides,
etc. work on my computer.