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Good Morning!!
Let’s Pray, y’all
Today’s Goals
Theory Books: Pages 3 - 5
Recorder Time
Singing Time
Bass Clef AKA the F Clef
A clef placing F
below middle C on
the fourth line
(second highest) of
the staff. Notes that
are low in pitch are
placed here.
Treble Clef AKA the G Clef
A clef placing G
above middle C on
the second line of
the staff. Notes that
are high are placed
A set of five parallel
lines and the spaces
between them on
which notes are
written to indicate
Grand Staff
When music on two
staves is connected
by a brace and a
line. A treble clef is
typically on top and
a bass clef is on
Ledger (Leger) Line
A line parallel to the
staff drawn through
note heads that are
placed above or
below the staff. The
spaces between
ledger lines are also
counted as notes.
Treble Clef
Bass Clef
Notes and Rests
Symbols used in written music that indicate
what pitch is to be played and for how long,
or how long to remain silent.
Sounds in music
compared as higher
or lower. These are
most often named
with the first seven
letters of the
Musical Alphabet
The names
assigned to pitches
use only the first 7
letters of our
Sangin’ Time!!