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STAR Review
Standard 6: Solutions
Solvent vs. Solute
 Solute:
substance being dissolved
Example: Salt
 Solvent: the substance doing the
Example: Water
Soluble vs. insoluble
 If
is dissolves, it’s soluble
 If
it doesn’t dissolve, it’s insoluble.
Miscible vs. Immiscible
 Two
liquids that are soluble combining
Ex: Oil and vinegar don’t mix therefore
they are immiscible.
 Two
liquids combining that are soluble
Ex: antifreeze and water mix therefore
they are miscible.
Concentration and solubility
 Solubility
refers to the max. amt. of solute
that will dissolve in a given solvent at a
specific temp/pressure.
 If
you change the temperature or
pressure, the solubility will change
 Molarity
= mol
If the quantity is in grams…convert to moles
first. See ppt from Standard #3.
If the volume is in ml convert to Liters
Expressing Concentration
by mass = mass of solute
x 100
mass of solution
by volume = volume of solute
volume of solution
x 100