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2.03A Evolution of Virtual Reality
2.03 Explore virtual reality design and use.
Meaning of Virtual Reality
A simulated environment giving the
user a feeling of being part of the
Characteristics of Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality
 is a simulated
 involves computergenerated
 is 3-dimensional.
 is extremely
 involves the use
of human
 exists in many
different forms.
History of Virtual Reality
History of Virtual Reality
 1927-29 – Link trainers; attempt to duplicate
airplane cockpit.
 Mid 1940’s-1990s – Flight simulators.
 1970s-Flight simulators operated in real time.
 1979-Head-mounted displays used.
 Early 1980s-Pilots navigated through detailed
virtual worlds.
Movie and Game Industry Uses
 1970s
Star Wars movie used
computer generated
 1980’s
Data glove was invented to
produce music by linking
hand gestures to a music
Mattel™ adapted it into the
Power Glove for Nintendo.
Development of Virtual Reality
Development of Virtual Reality
 Basic elements of Virtual Reality have
existed since 1980.
 Developing virtual reality environments
High-performance computers.
Specialized software and additional hardware.
Today’s Uses of
Virtual Reality
Some of Today’s Uses
 Architecture
 Education
 Entertainment
 Medicine
 Military Training
 Characteristics
 History
 Uses
 Development