Transcript Space

By, Mackinzy Martinez
Ever wonder what's up in Space? It’s
obvious! Planets, like Earth and the
Moon, stars, like the Sun, and a lot of
other things are up in Space!
Were going to start with a star. The
look directly at the Sun, because it
could blind you! Without the Sun, there
would be no life on Earth because the
Sun prevents the energy and power we
need to live! Guess what? The Sun is SO
huge, more than a million Earths could
fit inside it! Wow!
Now lets talk about an important planet,
Earth! 75% of Earth is covered with
water, and that’s a lot! Earth is the only
planet we know of that has oxygen and
life. From Space, Earth looks like a
beautiful, blue, green marble.
What’s gray and can show itself day and
night? The Moon of course! The Moon is
Earth’s closest neighbor, that’s probably why
it looks so close when you look at the Moon
through binoculars. The Moon is an empty
space with no air, water or living things. The
Moon has less gravity than Earth, and if your
wondering what gravity is, it is weight on
Earth that keeps things from floating off into
Space is unique, interesting to learn
about, and important to life on Earth.
Draw it. Discover it. Explore it.