The Truth about Sun Safety: Protecting the Skin You're In!

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Transcript The Truth about Sun Safety: Protecting the Skin You're In!

The Truth about Sun Safety:
Protecting the Skin You’re In!
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Skin Cancer Facts…
• Skin cancer is the most
common form of cancer in
• 1 out of every 3 Texans will
have some form of skin cancer
in their lifetime
Skin Cancer Risk Factors
Fair skin
Light eyes
Sunburn easily
Lots of freckles
Work outdoors
Grew up in the south
Protect Your Skin; Protect Yourself
• Avoid the sun during the
heat of the day
• Wear protective clothing
– Shirts; hats; sunglasses
• Use sunscreen
Are you Smart about Sunscreen?
• Choose minimum SPF 30
• Apply sunscreen everyday
• Re-apply often if you are
sweating or in the water
Now that We’ve Covered Protection,
Let’s Talk About Early Detection
Identifying Cancerous Moles is as
Simple as…
If you could fold the
patch in half, the
sides would not
order irregularity
The edges are
jagged or
blurred, not
smooth and
olor variation
Colors are
mixed; not
the same
A dark patch
wider than a
pencil eraser
Play It Safe…Have Other Skin
Conditions Checked Out Too!
• Melanoma is the most
dangerous form of skin
cancer. It usually
appears in moles
• Basal cell carcinoma
and squamous cell
carcinoma are more
common, less
dangerous, forms of
skin cancer
Skin Cancer in People with Darker
No one is immune from skin cancer!
Thank You!
Does Anyone