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NPUC 2006 Conference Highlights
Kirill Kireyev
CU - Boulder
Automation and Customization
of Rendered Web Pages
• Browser-side End-User Development
• ChickenFoot
Bookmark my latest bank statement:
Change UI:
Integrate multiple web sites (“mashups”):
SocialText: Enterprise Wikis
• Social software: engaging much more people in
low-threshold activities
– e.g. Wikipedia has only a (relatively) few writers, but
– Many Wikipedia readers act as SPAM filters, and
– Gives individual opportunity to contribute perhaps
only once, but with expertise only they hold
• “Reduce friction for useful behavior”
• Scaffolding structure (“snap to grid”)
Future Issues...
• Consolidation vs. Segmentation
• New paradigms of use
– Less email, more IM, more cell phones....
• Attention deficit
• Gated communities
• “Online Collectivism”