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Registration Alert System (RAS)
Project Description by
Mark Bryant
Garron Moore
The UW Student’s Dilemma
• The current registration system has no
waiting list
• A significant percentage of students
eventually drop out of full classes
• Students trying to get into classes have to
constantly check the UW registration site to
look for openings
RAS Operational Concept
• Users sign up for alerts or automatic
registration via a web interface
• Active processes continuously check the
status of the desired course
• When an opening in the course appears, an
alert is sent to the user or they are
automatically registered
RAS System Requirements
1. Web Interface
Login, set preferences, create profiles, etc…
2. Email Notification
3. Mobile Notification
Via text messaging, and/or a mobile
registration application
4. Automatic Registration
Tentative System Architecture
• Now: Developers
• Soon: UW Students
• Future: Minimal Support Staff
• Simple design
– More time to focus on robustness
• Automatic Registration?
– Security concerns
• Mobile registration application?
– Depends on number of developers, available
time, etc…
• High load issues
• Use your skills to integrate multiple
technologies in one system
• Be involved on a project that will eventually
have a user base of thousands of UW
• Leave your legacy at the University of