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Julia, Adam, Sarah G, Sarah K
By definition a wiki is…
a website that allows the creation
and editing of any number of interlinked web pages via a
web browser using a simplified markup language
The Beginning
WikiWiki Web
Ward Cunningham
He used the name “wiki”
According to Cunningham, "I chose wikiwiki as an alliterative substitute for 'quick'
and thereby avoided naming this stuff
Who Uses Wikis?
For collaboration in business, etc.
Examples of Use
Project Management
 Checklists
 Log Client Work
 Track Invoices
 Goals
 Contacts
 Reference
 FAQ’s
 One place for everything
How Do You Make a Wiki?
Wiki software
Set up your pages and upload it onto the
Wiki farm
How Much Is This Going To Cost Me?
Can be free!
 Downside- ads
 If you don’t use a wiki farm then you have
to pay the cost for software and the use of
a server yourself
Anyone can edit
 Easy to learn
 Instantaneous
 People all over the world can work on the
same document
 Keeps track of edits so that you can easily
undo posts if necessary
 Widens access of web publishing to the
average person
 A very flexible tool, it has no
predetermined structure
Since anyone can edit, the wiki could
become “too” open
 Open to spam and vandalism if it’s not
under close supervision
 Requires an internet connection to
 As a wiki grows it can become very
Wiki farms began in the early 2000’s
 21,000,000 hits on Wikipedia daily.
 7,665,000,000 hits on Wikipedia annually
 This does not even account for other
smaller wikis
How to create a wiki page…
 PB Wiki- What is a wiki?