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Creating Web Documents
news quiz
Trends (jargon)
Homework: postings & project 3
Use Final quiz preparation guide in
Course Documents on Blackboard.
Final quiz: 2 weeks.
news quiz
• Still analyzing results
• Weak [mostly] on map drawing, many of
• Excellent on finding information
– some map drawing still weak
• Does not appear to be correlation between voting
(mostly non-voting), self-assessment on how
much a follower of news, major/career … with
• was part of 'the story'
– First Gulf War: Kuwait and Saudi Arabia
– Now
Turkey: opening of Northern front
Syria: possible destination for refugees
Syria and Jordan: fighters to Iraq
Iran: place for Iraqi refugees from Sadaam. Shiite
• Tigris and Euphrates Rivers: early civilization
• Devise web / animation / graphics design /
multimedia way to present maps
(geography) so people learn (absorb and
retain the information)
– informal presentation (for example, news)
– formal instruction (school, self-help)
Emerging technologies
peer-to-peer computing
semantic web?
ubiquitous computing, PDAs, wearable
computers, etc.
– wireless
term has come to mean high bandwidth
connections to the Internet
• cable modem, DSL
• Internet II (an NSF sponsored high[er]
performance set of connections)
The prediction was that this would change the
nature of the web. Did it happen????
eXtended Markup Language
• Structure data independent of display
• then specify the display using eXtended
Stylesheet Language, using an eXtended
Stylesheet Language Transformation
• Large and small organizations agree on
particular Document Type Definitions
– DocBook, mathML, Wireless ML
XML alphabet soup
used with databases (with SQL)
server side programming (asp, php)
client side (HTML &/or Flash)
special devices, for example, personal
digital assistants (generic name for things
such as Palm Pilots)
• tidied up XHTML, to fit requirements for XML
• proper nesting
– NOT <i><b>blah blah </i> </b>
• quoted attribute values
– NOT <img src=bird.gif width=100> but
<img src="bird.gif" width="100">
• tag names all lower case
• modify 'singleton' tags:
– NOT <br> but <br />
– use <p> and </p>
• reference to DOCTYPE and character encoding
• "Good Housekeeping" type sign of approval
• See my sites:
Note: no mechanism to check that any updates
did not make site invalid…
peer to peer computing
• Generic term for what Napster KaZaa
• not limited to getting mpg3 music files
• computers acting together
– for sharing information and/or
– performing computation
Semantic Web
project of Tim Berners-Lee
make Web more useful
semantics == meaning
go beyond searching
Recall Vannevar Bush article
Ubiquitous computing
• wearable computers
• computers 'in the walls'
• computers in devices
– smart house
– smart devices
• Convergence
– TV, computer, game station, stereo/CD player
• Emerging as the way to 'wire' buildings and,
perhaps, campuses
• New York Wireless: project to set up areas
with access.
– Bryant Park in Manhattan
• Potential security problems
Human Computer Interface
• Speech recognition [at last]?
• handwriting recognition
– significant limited application
• gesture recognition
• Accessibility issues
– new standards for Web sites, Flash projects.
• You need to learn how to learn because
technology keeps changing (evolving)
• Important to reflect on content, purpose,
function, & audience
– Web sites need to be about something, for some
purpose, for some audience
• postings
• Project 3
– finish
– upload (can always modify and upload new files)
– send address so site is linked from class page
• review notes, book, posted examples. See Final
quiz preparation guide to be posted from charts