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Website Introduction
 Plant a Seed, Watch it Grow web guide
 Request a Garden Consultant
 Explore Existing Gardens
 Grant Calendar
Log on to our website to access these web pages
Plant a Seed, Watch it Grow
Click on School
Program to get
to all of these
web resources.
Plant a Seed, Watch it Grow
Click on Plant a
Seed, Watch it
Grow to access
our web guide
Plant a Seed - Welcome Page
Click to go to the
Contents page.
The Welcome Page has information on how to use the
website, how to contact us, history, acknowledgements, and
what’s new.
Plant a Seed - Contents
When you scroll over each
topic, the subtopics will
display. Click to read.
Most of the information in today’s presentation is
available in our web guide.
Plant a Seed – References
School Garden References contains information and links for resources
such as books, educational organizations, newsletters, web sites,
funding, etc.
Request a Garden Consultant
Click on
Request a
Request a Garden Consultant
all fields
Request a Garden Consultant
You will receive a
Once the request is received:
 A Master Gardener will be assigned to your school.
 The Master Gardener will contact the School Garden Coordinator.
Explore Existing Gardens
Select your
Click on
Explore Existing Gardens
Search results
will be
Click specific
school to view
Click Contact Report
to get details for all
schools listed.
Explore Existing Gardens
Contact Report
Explore Existing Gardens
Specific School
Grant Calendar
Click View Grants to
display current grant
Grant Calendar
Displays due date,
organization link to
details, and brief
description of grant.
Grant Calendar
Organization website
will have grant
specifics and
application form.