Transcript Iapp 2012

iapp 2012
ifest 2012
5th – 7th Oct
What is iapp about ?
Have you ever wished to create a mobile
app of your own or making some
improvements in the existing apps that you
use.You may also have thought about making
desktop applications such as games, puzzles
or some tutorial sort of thing using applets.
Sometimes we get a very innovative idea for
making a web application whose existence
we wished.
So, how about bringing these ideas out of
your minds and implementing them in
What kind of applications
Windows application
 Android application
 I phone application
 Java desktop applications and Applets
 J2EE
 J2ME
 Any other web application
Lets see some examples ……
Is making app a tough task ?
Contact Persons for help :
Megha Tak ( 200901170 )
Palak Shah ( 200901023 )
Is making app a tough task ?
Tutorials for Java Applets & Desktop
Applications :
Is making app a tough task ?
Tutorials for Windows Application :
Is making app a tough task ?
Tutorials for J2ME :
Rules of the event
Team Size upto 3
Application Demo is must. Participants are
expected to bring their own devices to give
the demo
Judgement will be based upon various factors
like innovation, usability, ease of use etc.
The decision of the judges would be final.
To register
Send a mail to [email protected]
with the names and contact details of
team members.
 A brief proposal of the application you
are making and the platform you are
 Last date for registration is 29th Sept,
How to submit
Participant will have to send Binaries,
Source code and Documentation in a zip
file on email address
[email protected]
Last date of submission is 11:55 pm, 3rd
Oct, 2012
What will you get - Incentive
A good exposure to the popular
commercial technologies.
 Prizes worth Rs. 4000 ( liable to change ).
For queries, contact :
Arpita Agrawal ( 200901003 ) –
 Palak Shah ( 200901023 ) – 9510944316
 Shubhanshu Gupta ( 201101076 ) 7359473626
Thank You