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Chalk Talk Session: DEVCT343
Visual Studio 2005 Team System
How To Load Test ASP.NET Applications
Eric Adams
Program Manager
Visual Studio 2005 Team System
Microsoft Corporation
Load Testing
How to Load Test ASP.NET Applications
Session today covers:
Discussions (~ 20 minutes)
Hindrances to Load Testing
Load Testing Challenges
5 Step Load Testing Methodology (~ 20
Demonstrations (~ 20 minutes)
Closing (~ 15 Minutes)
Best Practices
Hindrances to Load Testing
What are some of things that hinder your
ability to load test?
Load Testing Challenges
What are some the challenges you
encounter when doing load testing?
5 Step Methodology
Test Planning
Create Test Scripts
Execute Tests
Analyze Results
Repeat Execute and Analyze
Document Results
Test Planning
Create a Replica of Production
Document Technology Behind the
Define the Transaction/User Scenarios
Define the Goals
Create Web Tests
Create More Than One Script
Typically one per “task”
Multiple “tasks” make a “scenario”
Start with Record and Playback
Record User activity directly from the browser
Use data binding to make data dynamic
Add validation/extraction rules
Use Sleep Times
More realistically mimic actual users (form completion, etc.)
Require more load clients
Verify the Test Tool Configuration
Number of users per client
Are we bottlenecking the server or the test client(s)?
Execute Tests
"Smoke Test" the scripts
Run Multiple Iterations
Gather Performance Data
Reset IIS Log Before Starting Test
Clear NT Event System, Security, and
Application Logs
Configure & Start SQL Profiler
Create a Controlled Environment
Results should be repeatable
Analyze Results
After Each Iteration
Review Errors
Analyze Performance Monitor Data
Verify Successful Page Views
Measure Throughput of Application
Analyze the SQL Trace File
Verify Stress Tool Numbers
Most tools are “optimistic”
Server counts are usually most dependable
Document Results
Application Overview
Performance Analysis Goals
Key Findings
Test Results
Bulk of report
Document raw data, poor SQL queries, bad
loops, etc
Useful Resources
"Performance Testing Microsoft .NET Web
Applications” – MS Press
“Improving .NET Application Performance
and Scalability Improving .NET Application
Performance and Scalability”
Visual Studio 2005 Team System
Web Testing
Visual Studio 2005 Team System
Load Testing
Load Testing Best Practices
What are some of the load testing best
practices you use?
Load Testing Key Take-Aways
What are some of the key take-aways from
this session?
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