Anthropology - An Unworthy Servant

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Anthropology Review
Some points of interest
• Anthropology from the Greek Word,
anqrwpojs (anthropos)
• It is the study of what it means to be
• In Hebrew, the word “Adam” means
• We are creatures, meaning that we
were created by God
• The creation formula= “God said . . . Let”
• Uniqueness to man?
– Let us make
– Formed
• Does this mean that Theistic Evolution is
– No
• “Let us” formula still there
• Animals formed, too
Quick view of Evolution
• Micro-evolution – Change within a closed set
• Macro-evolution – Change from one set to
• Micro= good
• Macro= bad
• Theistic Evolution = NO NO
Quick view on Uniqueness of Man
• Mankind made in the Image of God
– Imago Dei
– Genesis 1:26ff
– Means the essence, not form
– Synonymous with communicable attributes
– Why the Imago Dei?
• Man made to rule and have dominion (Gen. 1:26ff)
• Adam Federal Head of mankind
• Trinitarian Imaging – made to represent in all ways
A Brief History of Man
Man Created (Gen. 1-2)
Made in Imago Dei (Gen 1:26-27)
Mankind Falls (Gen. 3)
– Mankind made to Rule – Federal Headship
– This is because of Imago Dei
– But Image has been marred by sin and the
Headship brought destruction on all
What happened?
• Mankind fell (Genesis 3)
• The process is still the same
• Eve saw
– The fruit was good for food (Lust of Flesh)
– Pleasing to the eye (Lust of Eyes)
– Able to make one wise (Pride of Life)
• Beware of (1 Jn. 2:16)
– Lust of the flesh
– Lust of the eyes
– Pride of life
• Still today
Now the Big Problem . . .
• 1 Corinthians 2:6-16
– I am the “Natural Man” before Christ and CANNOT
know/understand spiritual things
• Romans 8:5-10
– My mind is broken
• Ephesians 2:1-10
– For I was dead in my trespasses and sins in which I
walked . . .
The Big Picture
GOD and
GOD and
Man vs.
GOD and a
Man vs.
GOD and a
The GOD-Man*
How do we get back home?
Romans 1:18-25
• The Great Exchange
• The truth for the lie
• The knowledge of God and sin
– We knew God
– We knew about sin
– We exchanged
Philippians 3:8-10
we need to switch back . . .
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Anthropology Review