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String art is
characterized by an
arrangement of colored
thread strung between
points to form abstract
geometric patterns or
representational designs
such as a ship's sails,
sometimes with other
artist material comprising
the remainder of the
The process of
figuring out how a
rotation will effect
the objects in the
Transform group is
similar to the
process of figuring
out the results of a
A hexagram is a six-pointed geometric star
figure, {6/2} or 2{3}, the compound of two
equilateral triangles. The intersection is a
regular hexagon.
Patterns:Anything Proposed for
imitation and archetype
are known as the patterns.
All the geometrical information
that remains when location,
scale and rotational effects are
filtered out from an object.
Connect the dots, also known as dot to
dot or join the dots is a form of puzzle
containing a sequence of numbered dots.
When a line is drawn connecting the dots
the outline of an object is revealed.
Celtic knots are a variety of (mostly endless) knots
and stylized graphical representations of knots
used for decoration, adopted by the ancient Celts.
These knots are most known for their adaptation
for use in the ornamentation of Christian
monuments and manuscripts like the 8th century
St. Teilo Gospels, the Book of Kells and the
Lindisfarne Gospels.
Celtic Art such as Celtic Knot
work or Celtic Tattoo designs,
ornamented tools, weapons,
or jewelry. For centuries,
there has been a shortage of
Realistic Celtic Art and
String Art using dots
Shapes in a Hexagram
Patterns and shapes