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Who Was Gregor Mendel?
Father of Heredity
• Worked with garden
• Thought of genes to
explain inheritance
• Said genes came in
What’s up With the Peas?
Mendel was in charge of
the garden in the
monastery. He grew
lots of peas. He
discovered that when
he crossed short pea
plants with tall pea
plants that a pattern
emerged in the
Genes As Explanation?
Mendel suggested that "units
of inheritance" were
responsible for the traits
he studied. We now call
these units genes.
Genes in Pairs
Examination of the trait
inheritance patterns of
the pea plants
suggested to Mendel
that each trait resulted
from two units of
inheritance. Mendel
proposed that one unit
came from each parent
Father of Heredity
Mendel is acknowledged as the
father of heredity for his work with
peas and his proposal of genes.
Process of transmitting biological
traits from parent to offspring
through genes, the basic units of
What Is an Allele?
• One member of a pair or series of
genes that occupy a specific position on
a specific chromosome gene.
• A hereditary unit that occupies a specific
location on a chromosome and
determines a particular characteristic in
an organism.
• Genes exist in a number of different
forms and can undergo mutation.