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Canine Caviar Cancer Research Foundation
The CCCRF Mission Statement: CCCRF strives to advance research in pet
cancer and to educate and support the community on pet health and overall
• Facts about Pet Cancer:
• How does the CCCRF work?
• 1 in 4 dogs die of cancer every
• Advance research and educate the
community on pet cancer.
• There are nearly 100 different
types of pet cancer.
• Support research currently being
done at universities and by
conducting our own research.
• Cancer accounts for almost half of
the deaths of pets over 10 years of
• Dogs get cancer at roughly the
same rate as humans.
• Serve as a supportive network for
the general public to obtain
information, advice on alternative
ways to support their pets.
How Proper Body pH Affects your Health
Proper pH will improve your pet’s quality of life
• Body tissue prone to disease, including cancer, if they become oxygen
• Acid starts at 1, alkaline ends at 14 and 7 is neutral.
• The blood, lymph and spinal fluid are designed to be slightly alkaline at
• At a pH of 7.4, cancer cells become dormant and at pH 8.5 cancer cells will
die while healthy cells will live.
• Most diseases form when the pH falls into the acidic range.
Cancerous tissues are acidic & healthy tissues are alkaline.
• Oxygen helps neutralize acid. Acid prevents oxygen from reaching tissue.
Tissue needs oxygen to remain healthy. Acidic tissue is devoid of free
A Healthy Diet Means Eating Foods
That Fight Cancer!
• Increases anerobic activity.
• Reduces amount of oxygen in the blood.
• Leaches calcium from bones &released into the kidney, resulting in
stone formation before being excreted.
• Acidosis is excessive consumption of protein, which is metabolized
“acidically” because of sulfur content.
• Cancerous tissues are acidic and devoid of oxygen.
• Without enough oxygen the DNA self-repair mechanism will not
function causing free radical damage.
Ways to Restore Acid / Alkaline Balance
• Eat Alkaline Foods – Sulphur & phosphorus in protein of meat, eggs and
fish cause acidity.
• Complementing Minerals in Moderation - Calcium contracts muscles
and magnesium relaxes them. Potassium inside the cells and Sodium
outside – cellular edema occurs with too much sodium. Edema casues
reduced energy and inhibits cellular metabolism of proteins & fats.
• Eating & Absorbption – decreased absorption of nutrients occurs as we
age even if diet is adequate (decrease in Pancreatic enzymes). Papaya
(papain) increases pancreatic enzymes & absorption of nutrients.
• Blood is colloidal solution – zeta potential (overall negative electrical
charge) in blood keeps cells & nutrients in suspension. When zeta potential
becomes week from being too acidic particles in blood clump together and
looses capacity to carry nutrients. Alkaline ingredients increase zeta
• Coconut or Flax – proper kidney function. Nutrients in blood filtered by
kidneys and re-admitted to the blood through kidney membrane. Proper
functioning of lipoid membrane (contain unsaturated fats) needed for
nutritional availability.
• DMG (Dimethylglycine) & B Vitamins – improves oxygen utilization
within cells and reduces lactic acid, thereby increasing alkalinity.
• Gluten Free Grains – Rice, Pearl Millet, Quinoa improve digestion &
bone density and reduce risk of celiac disease.
• Prebiotics – cause the dog to produce own probiotics or flora.
- unhealthy intestinal bacteria and yeasts excrete lactic & other organic
acids that are absorbed cause the blood to become acidic.
• Alfalfa, yucca, minimal garlic help alkalize the body & reduce bacteria,
fungi and strengthen the immune system. Bacteria & fungi may be thriving
in the body without causing acute disease yet they produce inflammation
and copious acid waste products. These stealth infections may underlie a
variety of degenerative conditions and are found in arthritic joints.
• Carbohydrates – require an alkaline environment for best enzymatic
• Removing excess acidity causes tissues to become aerobic and promotes
proper function of the DNA self-repair mechanism.
Canine Caviar’s
Flash Cooked
Twin Screw
Extrusion Process
What should you look for in a holistic diet?
Holistic definition – Treating the Body from the inside out; not from the outside in.
Quality Proteins - Ingredients are listed by weight before processing. Chicken
includes 70 – 80% moisture & 20 – 30% meat (Good); chicken meal contains 14%
moisture & 86% meat (Better) dehydrated chicken contains 6% moisture & 94%
meat (Best).
Quality fats & oils (cold Processed). Omega 3:6 Ratio should be 3 to 1 or less.
Pre-biotics encourage the body’s production of beneficial bacteria in the gut, rather
than replacing them like a pro-biotic.
Grain Free does not mean carb free and not all carbs are created equal. In a
nutritional comparison, pearl millet & brown rice offer more nutrition and less
insulin production than potato or tapioca.
High calorie count means better nutrient absorption and better utilization of
Why Canine Caviar?
Dog food pH 7.0 to 7.5 – reducing
anaerobic activity.
Raw Dehydrated Meats
Flash cooked for 6 seconds at 180 F
degrees - retains nutritional integrity.
Highest Calorie Count = better
nutrient absorption.
91 – 93% digestible - the highest on the
Straight transition – like in wild.
GMO & Gluten free with no added
hormones or antibiotics.
Reduces red stains – tear & coat.
On the list of veterinary alternatives.
Canine Caviar’s protein based
diets are available in the following:
* Beneficial Grain & Grain Free Holistic Kibble
* Cans (Grain Free)
* Treats
* Raw Frozen (Grain Free)
* Bones
* Supplements
* Chews
All proteins are human grade
* Buffalo
* New Zealand Lamb
* Beaver
* New Zealand Venison
* Chicken
* Turkey
* Elk
The Canine Caviar Difference
• Straight transition to Canine Caviar – like raw or in wild.
• Flash cooked dehydrated meat diet in a dry kibble
• High Calories means better absorption of nutrients.
• Protein Rotation for Amino Acid Diversity
• Our True Holistic diets settle digestive upsets, reduce scratching, shedding and
• We formulate for health concerns like diabetes, cancer, kidney, liver and heart
• Canine Caviar’s flash cooking process maintains nutritional integrity &
increases bioavailability. (No GMO or Glutens & Highest Digestibility).
Pearl Millet
Beet Pulp
• Lowers the glycemic index,
allowing your dog to utilize the
energy evenly
• Beet Pulp Shreds (Prebiotic)
• Is alkaline – reduces risk of
• Provides nutrition for naturally
occurring prebiotics.
• Non-glutinous, non-acid forming
& extremely digestible
• Encourages colonization of
• Beneficial to the stomach, spleen
and pancreas
• Has an index of 0 on the glycemic
• Considered to be one of the least
allergenic ingredients.
• We use 2/10 ounce per pound of
• Ideal source of moderately
fermentable fiber
Special Needs as a Veterinary Alternative
pH balanced – 7.6 to 8.0
– helps prevent crystals in the urine
– helps prevent pancreatitis
– improved kidney & liver function
– Reduces anaerobic activity and risk of cancer
On the Veterinary list of Alternatives that can be used to replace the Science
Diet D diets
– Always consult your vet first
Low protein, low fat, but high in calories so your dog does not go into
starvation mode.
– Body burns fat instead of protein
Herbs to help strengthen the immune system
– Alfalfa - neutralizes stomach ailments, cleanses the kidneys, removes poisons
from the body; neutralizes acids, blood purifier; and aids in the assimilation of
Special Needs cont.
– Flaxseed contains lignins, which may protect against cancer, improves
digestion, helps alleviate disorders of the colon and is soothing to the stomach
& intestinal linings.
– Kelp helps maintain a healthy stomach, reduces the risk of poisoning from
environmental pollution, and helps cleans the kidneys, bladder & uterus.
– Garlic strengthens the heart, nourishes the stomach, spleen & lungs, improves
circulation, stimulates the immune system, reduces gastrointestinal upsets,
reduces inflammation, reduces fatigue and inhibits cancer cell formation.
– Peppermint eases gas & bloat, purifies the blood and helps control diarrhea,
colitis, irritable bowel syndrome and Chrohn’s disease.
– Rose Hips curbs stress, builds & strengthen body tissues.
Optimum Omega 3:6 ratios (2 to 1)
Recommend rotation of the canned foods with the Special Needs.
Chicken with Salmon Cat for UTI
• Cats need slightly acidic environment.
• Feline Caviar has a pH of 6.1 to 6.4.
• Low magnesium & ph balance reduces calcium oxalates.
• Lower calcium oxalates help prevent struvite crystals.
• Better Omega 3:6 to reduce shedding.
• Contains natural vegetable fiber to help move hair through the
digestive tract.
• Contains kelp & alfalfa to reduce vomiting.
• Buffalo are not fed
antibiotics or growth
hormones – No BSE.
• Buffalo contain a
CoQ10 Enzyme for
• Buffalo are free range,
grass fed.
• Buffalo has 70 to 90%
less fat when compared
to beef
• Buffalo has fewer
• Buffalo is lower in
sodium and a better
source of Omega 3.
Free Range Grass Fed
Holistic BUFFALO Treats
Canine Caviar controls the
largest privately held buffalo
processing company in India
• Human grade facility
• Operated by Canine
• Quality control from
start to finish
• In business for over
115 years
• Process 3,000 buffalo
a day
• Largest Supplier in
the world
• Bison are
descendents of
Indian Buffalo, as are
Water Buffalo and
Cape Buffalo.
Nutrition Is and Always Will Be
O u r N u m b e r O n e P r io r it y
Thank you for your support!