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Unit 1 Review
Work, Energy, Cycles of matter
Low questions from each test
1. Matter, like carbon, cycles through the ecosystem.
A.Matter, like energy, cycles through the ecosystem.
B.Matter flows through the ecosystem.
C.Matter moves through the ecosystem in one direction losing energy as it
moves through the environment.
D.What happens to living matter as it moves through the ecosystem?
2. Churning and breaking down food by stomach acids is an example of
what type of change?
A.Chemical change
B.Physical change
C.Both physical and chemical change
D.None of the above
3. Carbon cycles through the Earth system. During photosynthesis, carbon is A. released from wood as carbon dioxide when wood is burned.
B. released by organisms as carbon dioxide.
C. broken down and released from the remains of living organism.
D. converted by plants from carbon dioxide to glucose.
4.The digestive system breaks down food to give nutrients to the body this is an example of a chemical
change. What is another example of a chemical change?
A. Organic matter broken down into useful compounds in a compost bin
B. Ice melting in a hot summer day
C. A tree being torn down and broken into small pieces
D. None of the above
5.During digestion, larger molecules are broken down into smaller molecules. Which is NOT an example
of this?
A. Proteins are broken down into amino acids.
B. Lipids are broken down into fatty acids
C. Carbohydrates are broken down into simpler sugars
D. Amino acids are broken down into simple sugars
6. What would be the results if the decomposers were removed from a compost bin?
Dead organic matter and waste would pile up.
The compost bin would smell bad.
Nitrogen and Carbon cycles would not be affected.
Heat would be lost to the environment.
7. Plants convert light energy from the Sun into glucose and oxygen through the process of
photosynthesis. What type of useful energy does this light energy become?
Solar Energy
Chemical Energy
Heat Energy
8. Radiant energy from the sun is converted to ___________ energy by plants in a process known
Solar, kinesiology
Chemical, Solar
Chemical, Photosynthesis
Solar, Photosynthesis
9. Plants use photosynthesis to meet their survival needs by enabling them to –
convert radiant energy into chemical energy.
change carbohydrates into proteins.
release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
capture oxygen from water molecules.
10. In the energy pyramid, which trophic level contains the least amount of energy?
C. Hawk
D. Snails
11. In the energy pyramid, what happens to the amount of energy as feeding process
gets farther from the plants? The energy willA. increase by 10%.
C. decrease by 90%.
B. remain the same.
D. decrease by 10%.
12. Alicia applies a force of 30 Newtons to lift a box off the floor. She stands holding the box
until her mother arrives in the car. She then walks to the car holding the box and gives it to her
mother. At which point(s) has Alicia done work on the box?
A. When Alicia lifts the box off the floor and when she stands holding the box
B. Only when Alicia walks to the car holding the box
C. Only when Alicia lifts the box off the floor
D. When Alicia lifts the box off the floor and when she walks to the car with the box
13. Grant stands 3 meters from the check out at the grocery store holding a 20 N bag of
potatoes for 10 minutes. How much work does he perform?
A.600 J
B. 6 J
C. 0 J
D. 60 J
14. Geotropism is a force that affects certain organisms. This force will result in which
of the following?
A. A flower to die due to lack of water
B. The roots of a plant to grow downward
C. Animals to seek shelter on high ground
D. Fish to float to the surface when they die
15. In which of the following scenarios is work done?
A.A sprouting seedling pushing through the soil.
B.A student sitting in the classroom.
C.A book sitting on a table.
D.A rock suspended on a cliff.
16. Turgor pressure can help plants move. Internal water pressure can cause A.a wilted stem to return to an upright position.
B.leaves to fall off a tree in the autumn
C.the roots of a plant to grow downward.
D.a seedling to be carried by the wind.
17. What will happen if a plant loses Turgor pressure?
A. The plant will wilt since there is less force applied to the cell wall
B. The roots will start to grow away from gravity
C. The plant will become more rigid since there is more pressure
applied to the cell wall
D. The plant will open its stomata