Vision, Mission, and Goals

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Transcript Vision, Mission, and Goals

Vision, Mission, and Goals
Vision: To be an agency producing outputs that
contribute to optimal efficiency of the Indonesian
Universal Health Coverage (UHC)
Mission: To ensure that all Indonesians received all
necessary health technologies at affordable costs
 To be a strong and independent agency in determining
covered health technologies for the UHC by 2026
 To build the capacity of at least 100 persons who are
competent in assessing existing and future HT by 2020
(75 Masters and 25 PhDs both within and outside MoH)
Action Plan 2015-2020:
1. support the establishment of decision-making processes for the
incorporation of health technologies based on HTA, including safety,
effectiveness, affordability and other relevant criteria [Social, Equity??;
2. support the use of HTA to inform public health policies, including public
health system coverage decisions and the development of clinical
guidelines and protocols for existing and new technologies;
3. promote efforts to analyze and strengthen institutional frameworks for
the incorporation of health technologies up to the 5th hurdle;
4. encourage the establishment of transparent processes and linkages
with responsibilities defined among the different stakeholders,
including regulatory authorities and entities responsible for the
assessment and incorporation of health technologies;
5. strengthen institutions and human resources, including assessment
teams and decision-makers, in the use of HTA, methods for the
implementation of HTA studies in the critical analysis of assessment
Action Plan 2015-2020 (2):
encourage the prioritization of assessments based on needs (national
and regional, strengthening systems for the collection of quality data,
and adapting existing HTA studies to avoid duplication;
promote the production and dissemination of HTA results among
stakeholders and those responsible for decision-making;
encourage public procurement transparency, including nonproprietary purchase price information and the sharing of the findings
of HTA at the national and regional levels to generate information for
10. strengthen the rational use of health technologies, the development
and use of drug formularies, clinical practice guidelines that govern
use (including by level of care), as well as systems for monitoring use
in integrated health service delivery networks;
11. strengthen national and regional HTA networks to promote exchange
among institutions and countries, and the dissemination and
comparison of studies and national experiences;
12. actively participate in the Health Technology Assessment Network