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• 3D Bioprinting
3D bioprinting
'3D bioprinting' is the process of
generating spatially-controlled cell patterns
using 3D printing technologies, where cell
function and viability are preserved within
the printed construct. The first patent
related to this technology was filed in the
United States in 2003 and granted in
3D bioprinting - Process
Some of the methods that are used for 3D
bioprinting of cells are photolithography,
magnetic bioprinting, stereolithography,
and direct cell extrusion
3D bioprinting - Applications
The company utilizes its
NovoGen MMX Bioprinter
for 3D bioprinting
Magnetic 3D Bioprinting - Terminology
'Magnetic 3D bioprinting' is a methodology
that employs biocompatible magnetic
nanoparticles to print cells into 3D
structures or 3D cell cultures
Magnetic 3D Bioprinting - General Principle
There are several advantages to using
magnetic 3D bioprinting over other 3D
printing modalities such as extrusion,
photolithography, and
Magnetic 3D Bioprinting - History
The first commercially available 3D
bioprinting system is being commercialized
by Nano3D Biosciences, Inc. The first
application of this system is for highthroughput and high-content drug
screening.Timm, D. M. et al.
P-20131022 A high-throughput threedimensional cell migration assay for toxicity
screening with mobile device-based
macroscopic image analysis]. Sci. Rep. 3,
3000 (2013)
Magnetic 3D Bioprinting - Process
Results employing Magnetic 3D
Bioprinting were recently published in
Scientific Reports in October 2013.
Magnetic 3D Bioprinting - Application
This has been demonstrated by the BiO
Assay which combines the benefits of 3D
bioprinting in building tissue-like structures
for study with the speed of magnetic
Magnetic 3D Bioprinting - Users
The target users for magnetic 3D
bioprinting are in the pharmaceutical
and CRO industries, where this system
can be integrated early in the drug
discovery process as a compound screen
for toxicity and efficacy. In the future,
magnetic 3D bioprinting could be
applied to the field of regenerative
medicine and organogenesis. Overall,
magnetic 3D bioprinting is an effective
tool to create faithful models of native
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