chronic poverty

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Minimum Wage is $5.15 an hour
That is $10,712 per year
2006 Federal poverty level for 4-$20,000
Situations, conditions of the poor
Challenge of medical care (later)
Overcrowding, lack of heat, light,
fresh air, personal space, play space
Lack of books, writing materials,
musical instruments, photographs
Unsanitary conditions—rats, bugs,
dirty kitchens, inadequate
bathrooms, broken windows
Unhealthy human environment:
violence and abuse, alcoholism,
drug addiction, absent father,
depression, frustration, anxiety
Little access to legal system
or political system
Little access to cultural, civic events
and activities (or energy to be
interested or transportation to
attend them)
Part-time and Temp Jobs with no
Ways in which the Poor
are Taken Advantage of:
Absentee landlords
Loan stores with high interest rates
Higher price stores nearby
Degrading treatment by
storeowners, police, schools,
Easy bankruptcies, loss of credit