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April 2010
January 2017
This Month:
•Maria Alfonso’s new job at
The Salvation Army helped
her find God again.
•In Same Kind of Different as
Me, two men become
unlikely friends.
•And more ...
April 2010
January 2017
The Day the Lies Stopped
An encounter with God forced convicted drug dealer
Maxwell Assing to finally face the truth.
April 2010
October 2015
Surprises and
NFL quarterback
Christian Ponder’s
career is grounded in
April 2010
January 2017
This Month:
•As a student court support
worker, Chelsea Moore saw
Jesus at work in the judicial
•Is the church doing enough
to support people with
mental illness? asks Captain
Mark Braye.
• And more ...
April 2010
January 2017
Vibrant Faith
God’s love shines through at Winnipeg’s
Heritage Park Temple.
April 2010
January 2017
Meet the Chief
Colonel Lee Graves takes the helm as Canada and
Bermuda’s new chief secretary
April 2010
January 2017
Family Friendly
Pregnant and alone, Peipei Dai found support at the
Bethany Hope Centre.
April 2010
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April 2010
This Month:
• Celebrate the New Year.
• Make music and praise
• Escape from the fiery
furnace with Shadrach,
Meshach and Abednego.
• Meet Josiah, the boy who
became king.
• Plus stories, puzzles,
colouring, jokes and more!
April 2010
April 2010