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Louisiana ADAP Crisis
LA ADAP Crisis
Cost of providing meds through LA ADAP increased
by 33%
Number of clients increased by 15%
At current rate of growth: Projection of $31.4 M is
needed to maintain program through 2011
Health Resources & Services Admin (HRSA) awarded LA
$17.7 M to serve 3,900 clients from Apr 2010 – Mar 2011
 $17.7 M + $2 M (in pharmaceutical rebates) leaves LA
with $11.7 M shortfall
Projected FY 2010 ADAP Expenditures
Total Current ADAP Resources
Allocated for ADAP Administration
Allocated for ADAP Funding Co-Payments
Projected Need for ADAP Medications
Projected Need for Calendar Year 2010
Louisiana Office of Public Health
LA ADAP Crisis
Potential shortfall of $11.7 million for FY 2010
Significant increases in client utilization costs
without a corresponding increase in resources
Over 3,500 Low income Louisianans living w/HIV
were served by ADAP in 2009
 Over 3,500 will be impacted when cost
containment measures are implemented
LA ADAP Crisis:
Cost Containment Measures
Reduction and/or Elimination of some RW Part B
Capped New Enrollment
Application for FY 2010 RW Part B Supplemental
Aggressive Efforts to Recoup Pharmaceutical
Request to the Ryan White Part A (NO) and TGA
(BR) grantees for ADAP contribution
LA ADAP Crisis:
Cost Containment Measure
Over $2M Restriction on funding in other
service areas:
 Discontinuation
of diagnostic laboratory -
 Discontinuation of Primary Medical Services $1,230,000 (CARES gives FACES $$ to UMC)
 Discontinuation of local drug assistance, legal
services, peer group support, and home health
services - $774,450
LA ADAP Crisis:
Cost Containment Measure
Cap new enrollment to LA ADAP
June 1, 2010
From 2007-09 new enrollments increased 67%
If new enrollments continued at same rate, a
savings of $4,653,700 will result from cap
LA ADAP Crisis:
Cost Containment Measure
Request to New Orleans and Baton Rouge
for contribution
 67% of LA ADAP clients receive services in NO
or BTR; account for 63% of all LA ADAP
expenditures in ’09
 As a result, smaller regions suffer
 No
FACES caseload, no medication budget, no
food pantry, significantly reduced other services
Contact Information
Claude Martin
Chief Executive Officer
337.233.2437 x125
[email protected]
HIV/AIDS Program Office
Dr. DeAnn Gruber
(504) 568-7474
[email protected]
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