Medicines for Malaria Venture

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Transcript Medicines for Malaria Venture

RBM Advocacy Task Force Meeting
23–24 January 2006
MMV’s Advocacy Objectives
Raising Awareness & Visibility
• Malaria as a major killer and a major obstacle
to development
• The need for new tools to combat malaria
• The need for new drugs to save lives
• MMV’s mission and projects with the partners
• The value of Public-Private Partnerships
MMV’s Advocacy Objectives
Influencing Drug Policy
• Adoption and implementation of quality ACTs
• Cease the use of mono-therapies and
ineffective antimalarials
• Halt the approval and distribution of substandard and counterfeit drugs
• Prepare for the implementation of newly
developed MMV drugs
MMV’s Advocacy Objectives
Resource Mobilisation
• Expand the number of donors, particularly
from governments
• Increase the funding from current donors
• Explore other financing mechanisms such as a
research fund
• Collaborate with other product development
PPPs on fundraising and advocacy activities
Key Activities and Events
Malaria R&D Alliance Meeting – spring
Africa Malaria Day
MMV Stakeholder Meeting – May 6
Annual Global Health Council Meeting – June
G8 meeting in Russia – July
ASTMH – November
• Possible “Kill & Cure” BBC documentary on
• Advocacy around the R&D funding report
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